Energy Forecast - Aries Full Moon 2020

The Harvest Moon

Hello there, 

I hope you are basking in this week’s full moon energy. This full moon comes in with a warm embrace that reminds us to count our blessing. The Aries Full Moon happens when the sun is in Libra, and has been historically coined as the Harvest Moon. We have just entered Fall, a time when the veil becomes thinner, and all our hard work over the past year begins to reveal itself. In this blog post, I will be sharing you the magical medicine of this years Harvest Full Moon, and how you can infuse your life with its energy!

Aries is a passionate energy! When the moon – a sensual, emotional, and fluid energy enters this sign, it invites us to light up our energy and get moving. Because the nature of the moon develops with our subconscious and more feminine side, this spunk is welcoming us to irradicate anything that is no longer serving us. Perhaps there are aspects in your life that have been blocking you from seeing the fruits of your hard work. Thought patterns, actions, and people that don’t support your crystal clear clarity will be burned away under this moon. This Full Moon is about WAKING UP!

This is a good time to be raw with yourself. Can you take time to clearly see where you have been standing in your own way? Allow yourself to see where compromises can be made in order to better support your true goals and aspirations. There is deep work that you have been doing this past year, what is it? Can you name it; identify it, and tune into how it can be better honored. The Aries Full Moon shines a light on all that we can do radically better at! For some folks, this energy can be a little disheartening if you haven’t been living in your truth. If this is you, I invite you to slow down and cultivate compassion towards yourself. Allow your compassion to guide you into seeing how you can better support the path ahead. 

Celebrate, allow yourself to feel proud! This is a time of grateful harvest! A lovely and simple ritual you could work with during this time would be a gratitude list. Take time to write out all your harvests from this past year, and literally count your blessings! Bare witness to all that you have accomplished ~ feel that power. 

It is important to be cautious of procrastination during this time. If you catch yourself in stagnant energy, study it. Where is this stemming from? Overcome it! Every little thing you experience is a guide for you to fall deeper into resonance with your life.  The self-discovery work you do under this moon will set you up for success for the year to come. The deeper you acknowledge the reality of your life now, the more clear it will be for the path ahead. 

Day by day we are going deeper into what exists beyond the veil. Spiritual energy is getting clearer and clearer. Our communication with the world beyond what meets the eye is very potent. I invite you to begin setting intentions with this Full Moon on how you wish to make the most of the thin veil we are experiencing. Fall is a potent time of spiritual purification. Make the most of it and you will be greatly rewarded!

Happy Full Moon, 
Taraney Nicole