Creatrix Codes

Self Trust, Dream Big, Embody, Receive

Gateway 4 :: Enchantress Codes

The art of feminine receiving! 
In this final gateway, we will be working with the artform I call, the Blessings Way. This expansion comes from when we are in the juice of holy harmony ~ completely open to receiving our great gifts.

The Enchantress Codes E-Book

Creatrix Keycode Activation 4

Transmission on Abundance Consciousness

The Blessings Way Ritual

Begin with setting up an abundance altar for your experience. 
There is not music added to this audio, so that you may choose your own sound track to support your receptivity of the blessings you’re calling in.

Bonus Materials

Feminine & Masculine Balance

Embodiment Practice

Receptivity Meditation

Circle back to this practice from gateway 1 to explore new levels of growth + expansion in your ability to receive richness.

Whats next?

Here we are love, at the end of gateway 4
Now, I invite you to integrate + do the work we discussed in this module. 
Share your thoughts + revelations in our group chat. 
We will meet in our next Live ritual call to dig deeper! 

Big Love, 
Taraney Nicole

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