Feminine Eros

activate & enliven your sensual nature  

Ready to expand your feminine sensuality?

Mmmm listen babe, I feel you.

The desire for greater sexual + sensual expression runs deep in our true nature as women. When we feel embodied in our sensuality, we enliven our everyday. Sex becomes more nourishing. Boundaries are clear. Magnetism is organic. & pleasure is a frequency we ride in every moment, every single day.

As a womb priestess, my work with you begins here. 

Reminding you of HER power. 

The power in your feminine eros.

Our feminine eros is the natural vibration that radiates from us when we activate safe, sacred sensuality within. 

And I am talking about sensuality that is sovereign. That is from you & for you. Sensuality that is free from sex, yet deepens your capacity to enjoy it. My mission for you in Feminine Eros is to witness yourself glowing from being well-healed in your relationship to sexual energy.

In this free offering, you will address the dynamics that keep you in patterns of sacrificial love & lack of romance in your everyday life. If you’re looking to expand your capacity to feel beautifully radiant to the point that greatness is magnetized to you effortlessly, then Feminine Eros is heaven sent for you.

Trauma cycles, leaky sexual energy, alchemizing shadows, & self-sabotage are the main focuses you will be alchemizing and healing in this free offering.


A 20-minute deep dive training video that will address your sexual/sensual wounds & how to liberate them 💋

One guided meditation to meet your sexual/sensual blockages & alchemized into greater feminine eros 🌹


Stuck in any of these patters?

X Using sex/sexual energy as a tool for manipulation and control

X Getting stuck in societal / collective beliefs that sexuality is taboo

X Lacking confidence in yourself + your passions & their ability to fulfill you

X Desiring to be met with more juiciness from yourself & the world

X Finding yourself sabotaging everything you think you want

X Starving for sacred practices / rituals that honor sexual energy

Hola Beauty,

I am Taraney, & I am PASSIONATE about sensuality and sexuality!

As a survivor of sexual assault, and a woman who grew up in a catholic household, I know how challenging sexuality & sexuality can become when we don’t have the right guidance to genuinely heal trauma & break the cycles that disempower us.

I want to empower you. I want to be on your team, guiding you home to the inherently pure nature that is your Feminine Eros! & that is what this free offering is here to do for you now!

I have spent many years working with women 1-on-1 to heal the core wounds that keep them stuck in the patterns I shared above. With this free offering, I hope to get you started on your sexual healing journey in a way that quantum leaps you into a pleasure-filled life 🤍

xxxx, Taraney Nicole

The Womb Priestess