The UNFURL Retreat

May 6th – 11th, 2024
in Coyote, Costa Rica

A Feminine Healing Immersion

This is a sanctuary for your sacred womanhood to come into her own

Envision yourself sitting in ceremony with 30 powerful women. You can hear the sound of the ocean – its moving you as the warmth of the sun kisses your mind. Every morning you rise in meditation with this light. You watch water dance with steam as you sit in a traditional Tea Ceremony. Your day is filled with nourishing movement, dance, laughter, & facing your edges… and it is all in devotion to yourself. Everyday we watch the sun set together. We allow ourselves to feel our primal power, we bask in the tenderness of becoming… this is where we fan the flames of our sacred femininity.

Moving beyond

The Experience

The intention of this retreat is to lead you through a true feminine healing experience that deepens your connection to your womanhood & the power of your peace. In sharing Tea Ceremonies, Sacred Movement practices, Womb Healing, and daily Workshops – this retreat will support you in knowing the depth of who you are… my hope is that you go home from this retreat feeling whole in your unique feminine expression. 

What you’ll discover

Women’s Retreats

Earth Priestess

  • Healing the Maternal Lineage
  • Organic Feminine Leadership
  • Breast Massage & Heart Healing
  • Shadow Work & Sensual Aliveness
Women’s healing retreats and ceremonies

Air Priestess

  • Feminine Tantric Breathwork
  • Cultivating a Meditation Practice 
  • Movement Medicine & Expressive Art Therapy for Women 
  • Activating your Feminine Vortex
Costa Rica Women’s Retreats

Water Priestess

  • The Art of Being a Woman
  • Sensuality and Sexuality
  • Way of the Womb
  • Transformational and Alchemical Yoga 
A women’s healing retreat

Fire Priestess

  • Shadow Work 
  • Vocal Activation, Trust your voice
  • Boundaries, Expression, & being a Safe Woman
  • Masculine / Feminine Dynamics 

On the other side of this retreat you will feel completely…


Rooted in Self-Trust

Harnessed in your wholeness


In your feminine

Power, Pleasure, & Purpose

UNFURL is about learning to develop self trust and intimacy amongst other powerful women. 

This is an invitation to come into your own as a woman. The UNFURL retreat is for the women who love too much. It is for those of us who seek the sun and dream of the moon. Women of depth – of devotion – of tenderness – of truth. During this retreat you will discover just how purposeful the relationship between you + your feminine essence is. 

Hint-hint, this type of embodiment changes everything. 

This retreat will leave you feeling more in-touch with the magnetic nature of who you are

The UNFURL Retreat

May 6th – 11th, 2024 in Coyote, Costa Rica


Location : Costa Rica’s Guanacaste Coast

This land has laid me bare. From the moment I step upon Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast I am stripped of all the layers that create illusions about the Woman I am. Something about this land is sacred for the feminine. The Goddess within us thrives here. Costa Rica holds awe-inspiringly beauty. Like the Jaguar Spirit she is fierce, yet soft to the touch. Costa Rica attunes you, and teaches you how that to feel the depth of your feminine soul.

From the moment you step onto this property you will feel your entire body soften.

Our journey will take place in the Nicoya Peninsula which is known as one of the world’s five blue zones. Playa Coyote a truly special place to heal and get in-touch with the depth of who you are. Playa Coyote is also considered to be one of the most pristine beaches in Costa Rica.

We are blessed to bask upon 10 acres of this gorgeous beach; which is very secluded and private. Our retreat center is covered in tropical flowers, breath taking views… and my favorite part is that there is an on-site food forest where most of the food we’ll be enjoying comes from!

Your rooms are pristine. Each room is spacious, clean, and genuinely invites you into a luxurious earthen feel. We have two room styles : The Beach Front Cabinas with ocean views. Secondly we have our Jungle Rooms which offer expansive views of nature and exquisite privacy. From the outdoor showers to the sweet sound of the ocean… I cannot wait to share this place with you in-person!

The Details…

+ When? : May 6th – 11th, 2024 – 5 days, 6 nights on the Ocean front property Salvatierra 

+ Special Cha Dao Tea Ceremonies offered by Luna Love

+ Daily meditations, tantric rituals, and feminine healing workshops centered around The Priestess Path w/ Taraney Nicole

+ Evening Ceremonies devoted to Unfurling your feminine power and meeting your feminine soul 

+ Transformational Yoga for the Womb workshop and practice lead by Shuba 

+ A special curated Goddess Bag w/ gifts and tools to enjoy during the retreat and long after.

+ Photo / Video capsule album to perfectly document your retreat experience 

+ Daily farm-to-table meals designed by a four-time James Beard nominee, Chef Phillip Speer *Taraneys brother in-law*. All meals are gluten free, as well as seed oil free. Both vegetarian and meat friendly options are available at the restaurant.

Sacred Feminine Healing Retreat

The UNFURL Retreat is a luxurious, gentle feminine healing experience ~

Ready to explore the parasympathetic pleasures of your body?

This retreat is for women that wish to find the strength in their softness…

You will know if the UNFURL Retreat is for you because …

  1. You feel called to embody your Feminine Soul, and live in a deep state of trust in yourself.

  2. There is a deeper part of you that is ready to unfurl, and you know that she needs a devotional space in order to blossom and become.

  3. In your heart and womb, you long to explore the deeper mysteries of what it means to be a woman who is in expressed in her feminine energy & knows her value through&through.

  4. The path of Tantra and mastering your magnetism as a woman speaks to you, and you want to go even deeper in discovering who you are from a tantric perspective.

  5. You have done a lot of shadow work, and are now ready to soften into your truth.

  6. Traveling is soul work for you! Something about it ignites your spirit & teaches you life changing lessons.

  7. Erotic Innocence and sacred sensuality are key elements of your life that you feel called to learn more about. A part of you already knows that this holds big keys for you / your ability to open.

  8. You know that your perception of the world is a gift that only brings more prosperity into your life. In this way you feel that this retreat will expand your perspective in a profound way.

  9. Deep, meaningful sisterhood is something you know you are ready to experience. Being in proximity to other powerful women who are on the same spiritual path as you is a great way to start expressing your bigness unapologetically.

  10. A part of you just knows that this retreat is your next big breakthrough ⚡️

Questions & Answers you may need ~

The current price for the UNFURL retreat is $2,500 – the price will be increasing periodically as more women enroll. For example, when the first five spots sold, we raised the price by $300. This is set up to enable women who are a full yes right now to get the best price for the retreat! 

When you apply, the current price will be listed on your application.

You will fly into the Liberia Airport in Costa Rica. 

Transportation from the airport to the retreat center is included in your retreat package. 

4:30 pm is the time that the shuttle will be leaving the airport, so it is important that you land in Costa Rica before 3:30pm. We recommend flying in the day before or  in the morning to assure you arrive on time. We can help you navigate private transportation to the retreat center if you miss your flight, but we cannot  include it in your ticket price. 

Yes, we have two payment plans for the UNFURL Retreat. 6 months & 9 months.
When you apply, you can let Taraney know which time period you need.
This will be an automatic payment that is invoiced to you monthly. 

In order to enroll for this retreat, we require that you apply! The purpose of this process is to help verify your identity and ensure that you are on board for the work we will be exploring. As part of this we do have an application fee that is $24.00. This helps cover our application fees, and secures you place in the process. Once your application is received you will be sent the link to schedule a call with Taraney. All tickets are on a first-come, first-serve basis, and we recommend to book your spot within 24 hours after your meeting with Taraney. Due to high demand we can only secure your price for those 24 hours, and when/if the price goes up we will reach out to inform you directly. 

In any case that after your call with Taraney the two of you mutually agree that this retreat is not well for you, the $24.00 will be refunded.

There is a lot of intention that has gone into crafting this retreat. In the last year Taraney has witnessed more and more women share that they are craving a softer, slower way of life. This retreat is special because it has been designed to be an experience that softens you. With ample time to meditate, enjoy tea ceremonies, feminine healing practices, and even profound ceremonies… you will leave this retreat feeling rooted within, and well rested. 

This retreat also takes place during the Torus New Moon. Which is a profound time to set intentions and move through a rite of passage devoted to your feminine. 

While sacred sexuality is woven into this retreat, it is not the sole focus of it. We believe that a huge aspect of a woman vitality is connected to her sexual energy and her relationship to its expression… with this being said themes of feminine pleasure, cultivating safety, and even erotic innocence will be explored. 

All of this will be discussed with deep care and safety. We will not be doing any “sex practices”. All of the work around with with me conversational and contemplative. 

Taraney’s retreats meet you where you are at. We welcome all women to arrive without expectations, and only with your desires and intentions. Upon your enrollment Taraney will be sharing resources with you to ensure that everyone is one the same page about the specific themes this retreat explores. 

Due to the expenses of hosting a retreat, we are unable to provide refunds. In specific cases we are able to offer credits for other offerings.

Secret to
Having it all
Is knowing
You already do
Meet the UNFURL Retreat Guides
HOST: Taraney Nicole
Feminine Healing

Taraney is a feminine healer here to support women in matters of internal/external beauty. She is passionate about teaching women how to fully develop their power, pleasure, and purpose in the world. She beautifully weaves Tantra and Somatic healing as a way to heal interpersonal conflicts that keep women playing small or even sabotaging their power. Creating environments where women get to heal and come into their own is her passion! This will be the 19th retreat she has hosted, and in her own words she has said “This one feels different. Like a whole new beginning”. 

Cha Dao : Luna Battalia

Luna’s path with the Leaf began in 2013 and has continued to unfold through studies with Global Tea Hut and serving at the Blossom Tearoom in Austin, Texas. Cha Dao, the Way of Tea is a deep part of her life and leadership. Luna is a truth-telling, shadow-walking, trauma-informed, nervous system exploring Ceremonialist who walks a path of devotion. With a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology and a multitude of disciplinary studies in the Priestess Arts, Luna works at the intersection of human and holy.

Yoga: Shuba Eachempati

Shuba‘s training is an intersection of wisdom traditions and the approach of feminine coaching focused on vitality. She studied for 3 years under her teacher, a prominent Daoist Abbot and was ordained as a priestess under the Awakening to Reality sect of Daoism. She simultaneously has a love of Ayurvedic traditions and the integration of its principles for radiant wellbeing. Most recently has studied Transformational Yoga under yoga master Irana Jian and received her RYT for 300+ hours. She believes in the beauty of this system of yoga for transforming the womb and activating higher awareness. Shuba specializes in using these ancient practices to help women connect with their yin essence. 

Photos: Adrianna Zathan

Adrianna is a photographer and visual alchemist. She will be our resident record keeper for this retreat! Through her work she helps women reconnect to their inner wild woman, sensuality, and sense of power. We are so blessed to have her at this years UNFURL Retreat! 


You glow differently when you’re aligned ~

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