The Vessel Mystery School

Sacred Feminine Mystery School

Venusian Mystery School & Global Sisterhood

The Vessel Mystery School is designed to support modern women in remembering their feminine soul’s ancient roots as daughters of the Divine & the power of that.

image of the sacred feminine downward triangle

Welcome to The Vessel

Where modern Oracles,
Priestesses & Mystics
come to deepen with
Ritual & Ceremonial Art’s

Once you are aligned with the path of the Divine Mother, your true sacred feminine essence begins to emerge, and in this way, she begins to change everything. 

Obstacles are removed, knots are undone, and life begins to rewrite itself right before your eyes.

This is the power of the Feminine; she will always show you the way of your heart’s deepest desires. She will always make the pathway possible because she knows that your care is the futures promise.

Within your womb are seeds that came here to be birthed by you. Make way for this to come true. Attune to your power. Deepen your pleasure by believing in your purpose as a Daughter of the Divine; now is your time.

This is The Vessel Mystery School.


What is The Vessel Mystery School?

The Vessel was born as a answered prayer.

Our Mystery School is devoted to being a sanctuary where women come to remember the ancient song of their feminine essence. Ceremony, Ritual, Mythos, & Medicine are our pathways of living as the ancient feminine now… 

In The Vessel Mystery School you will discover the power of engaging with the rites and rituals of the Sacred Feminine Art’s. Whether it be in our live teaching sessions or seasonal ceremonies, we offer you practical guidance on how enhance the vitality of your life through the feminine mysteries.

As a Global Sisterhood, we value gathering women from all around the world as a way to create a genuine community that serves the web of life. It is in this way that The Vessel’s foundation is built on the remembrance that all women are medicinal, and that no woman is more important than another. We value circular leadership with ample opportunities to share your medicine & shine your light.

At its core The Vessel is an organic blueprint for women to explore along their path as Priestesses, Oracles, & Mystics. Designed as a membership we offer you the freedom to join as your soul desires, and to complete your studies when best aligns for you.

The celestial pathway of venus over her 8 year cycle

How will I receive the lessons?

The Vessel Mystery School is carefully crafted to bring you high-touch lessons in the easiest, and most digestible way possible. 

Monthly Lessons are shared on the 1st of every the month through our live (& recorded) calls. Each call is a mystery school transmission that is experiential and deeply activating. All of our calls are archived for you to access at any point during the year.

Seasonally we gather for virtual ceremonies that align with the wheel of the year as a way to practice ancient feminine rituals that initiate you deeper into the mysteries. 

Pre-recorded video lessons + practices are released at the turn of each Solstice and Equinox. These are designed to deepen your connection to specific rituals and themes that the mystery school is exploring…

Our intention is to make it as easy as possible for your to enjoy all that the mystery school has to offer in a way that meets your unique lifestyle with grace and ease.

Our well-designed community platform

Mystery School of the Sacred Feminine

Wherever you are on Earth, you will always be able to connect with your Priestess sisters. Download our app for when you’re on-the-go, or easily access The Vessel on your computer or tablet at home.

Your membership includes..

𐃢 Access to a global sisterhood of Oracles, Priestesses, & Mystics who are walking the sacred feminine path with you + calling you forward into your own radiance. You can connect with members based on geo-location to meet women who live near you, and even directly message them through our chat.

𐃢 Monthly live teaching transmissions that are recorded & archived for you to drop into at any time. This is a special opportunity to gather, ask questions, & explore the feminine mysteries as a community.

𐃢 High-touch content that is designed to initiate you into the feminine mysteries and sacred art’s. This will deepen your unique medicine as a Priestess, Oracle, and Mystic.

𐃢 Granted entrance into our exquisite Wheel of the Year ceremonies that take place at each Equinox, Solstice, and midpoint of the season. 

𐃢 From the very moment you join The Vessel, you’ll be granted instant access to our on-demand practices, rituals, & ceremonies within the Living Library.

𐃢 Exclusive invitations to in-person events & advance trainings as part of The Vessel Mystery School.

Ceremony is where The Divine
meets the essence of your life

What will The Vessel Mystery School teach me?

In the Mystery School, you will learn the sacred feminine art’s and how to deepen your own power, pleasure, & purpose through ritual and ceremony. This is a call forward into the depths of who you truly are. Know Thyself. We are interested in discovering the way of the Priestess through a genuine, oracular, and mystical lens. It is our desire to teach you what it truly means to walk a sacred, mystical path by granting you tools and resources that directly amplify your quality of life and the coherence you feel as a powerful woman.

The Vessel Mystery Schools specialty is in the roots of tantric feminine arts, ancient Egyptian cosmology, and the Lineage of the Rose. During your time of studying with us, you will discover the art of multidimensionality, how to calibrate your nervous system to hold more, heal past life + present life trauma, as well as activate your vessel to be the living prophet of the Divine Mother.

The sacred feminine arts of ancient rituals that heal the womb
Who is the Rose Priestess
Mysteries of Internal Alchemy and the body as a Vessel for the divine

How she works


Each month we gather for a live teaching transmission on one specific topic within the feminine mysteries. All calls are recorded and archived for your personal records and enjoyment!

View this short clip of Taraney sharing a mystery school teaching on sacred sexuality…


A literally record keeper of all our best guided meditations, practices, rituals, & ceremonies for you to access on-demand ~ anytime and anywhere in the world.

There are dozens to explore, and this resource is always growing as we deepen with the mysteries ~ here is a preview video revealing the function of our library…


Throughout the year we gather for ceremonies that are aligned with the cyclic nature of Gaia. With tangible practice of our mystery teachings, these live events are profound in their ability to steep you in the mystical world of ceremonial & ritual art’s.

Our ceremonies are aligned with the wheel of the year, taking place at each Solstice, Equinox, & mid-point of the year :: (Dec. 21, Feb 2, March 20, May 1st, June 21, August 1…)

2023 Mystery Teachings


Weaving ancient feminine wisdom
With real guidance & genuine rite of passage

Only want access to the Living Library?

Sometimes you’re not in the season of deep study, but still need support with your sacred feminine energy~ 

This is why we have chosen to offer exclusive access to The Living Library!

You can subscribe to our on-demand records of the best practices, rituals, & ceremonies for your feminine energy for only $88 / month

The Living Library is a great way to deepen your priestess practices without committing to the Mystery School / Global Sisterhood elements of The Vessel 

Meet your Mystery School teacher

Divine Sister,
I am Taraney Nicole Vigil.

Ambassador of the DivineMother. Seeker of the sacred. Daughter of the water. Priestess of the Rose Lineage

All my life has been a ceremony to help me remember the ancient ways of womanhood, & like most women I too have a story that bleeds my innate capacity to persevere.

When I reflect upon my life I can clearly see that the Divine Mother was always there. In the darkest moments, she was watched over me as a silent guiding force. This is the force of the ancient feminine that led me to become who I am today.

I have faced the darkness of humanity. I am a survivor of rape, abuse, and deep ancestral trauma. My life’s story is an ode to the unshakable faith that is womanhood. Through my rite of passages I have found my truth – I am a sovereign, self sourced woman who is not bound to her trauma, but rather the phoenix who rose from her darkest of nights ready to serve her greatest purpose.

My purpose is to support women in rekindling their connection to the sacred as a way to deepen their power, pleasure, & purpose.

I am honored to be sharing the Sacred Feminine Art’s, and in this way I am beyond grateful to be your teacher in this life. Amen.

What is the Priestess Path?

The Priestess path is an ancient way of life that honors the feminines role in nature, and her innate capacity to divine, see, and create life through ceremonial magic. The Priestesses primary role is to be in devotion to the Divine through ceremonial and ritual practice. She is in communion with God / Goddess as a vessel for divine will, and her purpose is to be of service towards to betterment of humanity and life on Earth.

It is the Priestess that lays the energetic shifts that restore balance, and anchor the divine feminine frequency on Earth. A woman calls herself a Priestess when she is ready to acknowledge her experience of the sacred / spiritual elements of life. The Priestess path is deep and rich with prayer, activism, dedication, & radical self awareness. It is a path that will completely transform your life.

All Your Questions Answered
~ FAQ ~

In honor of the grand opening of The Vessel Mystery School, we are offering a free trail. This grants you access to everything within the membership :: Living Library, Recording of Live Transmissions, Upcoming Events, our Global Sisterhood board, as well as the seasonal Mystery School teachings. The free trial offers you the opportunity to tap into the vast amount of content being shared in the Mystery School, and in this way gives you a taste of all that it offers. You can do some of our rituals, ceremonies, and practices before paying for your membership into the school. 
What a gift! 


Yes! This mystery school operates year-round with the ability to come and go as your soul calls. We honor the feminine system and seasons of life, and want to empower you by being able to choose when to join & exit the membership as it best serves your lifestyle. You can enroll for the full year (which will be 100% expand your life + gifts), or you can join for a season ~ enrollment is always open..

While having you live with us is amazing, it is not the top priority in the structured of how The Vessel will initiate you. Every call / ceremony is recorded & archived in The Mystery School immediately after it takes place. We do this so that you can watch it in your own time, and come back to it over and over again to deepen with. This allows The Vessel to meet your lifestyle as you’re ready to open up to the initiation.
We prioritize devotion over rigidity. If you can make way for a couple hours a month to do the rituals, ceremonies, and teachings available inside The Vessel Mystery School…there is a vast revolution available to you immediately.

By devoting time to show up in our academy, and deepen you practice as and an Oracle / Priestess you are walking the oath of self initiation. Like most things in life, the more time and energy you pour into this, the more you will harvest. 

Taraney only allows women who are in The Vessel to join her in higher-level trainings & pilgrimages.

In this way, The Vessel Mystery School is a rite of passage.

The Vessel is a Sacred Feminine Mystery School devoted to womb wisdom, oracular embodiment, & the practice of regular Ceremony and ritual. By engaging with the mysteries you are deepening your own gifts & the capacity you have to share them with the world. Below is a list of topics we are exploring this year.

Internal Alchemy, Rose Lineage Remembrance, the Mary Magdalene mysteries, Celtic & Druid ceremonial magic, Multidimensional Field Work, Temple of Isis sacred sexuality teachings, How to deepen your own medicine / oracular gifts, Abundance + Wealth embodiment teachings for Feminine Souls, Bee Priestess Mysteries & Shamanism, Ancient Rituals to see beyond the veil, Sacred Oaths & Vows + how they serve, the Venusian Memory Palace + sooo much more. 
(Wish I could write all of it 😉)
The topics shared within The Vessel are divined seasonally with the intention of deepening your own medicine, activating your embodied truth as a Priestess, Oracle, & Mystic, & providing your will real opportunities to practice ceremonies + rituals that will empower every element of your life. Our goal is to bring you your divine inheritance as a daughter of the divine. 

The Vessel is a *high-touch* experience, and although we operate on a membership model, this is a genuine Mystery School. The abundance of teachings, practices, and in-depth connection being offered in The Vessel is designed to be carried out with a specific level of presence from you . As a deep study, we don’t want you to join the school for $40/month and forget to do the work. We want you to invest and feel the devotional pull to engage in our Mystery School. The Oracle of The Vessel has shared that $222 is encoded in the presence, alignment, & devotion that this school needs in order to facilitate its transformation in your life. 

When you enroll in our academy, you will be automatically emailed with all the details you need to get started. We host our school on an app called Mighty Networks, which allows you to access the mystery school from your phone, laptop, or tablet. Making sure that you have access anytime, anywhere you need it!

From the moment you join The Vessel, you will effortlessly be welcomed into our online platform (MightyNetworks) ~ Once ou make your account, you’ll enter our global sisterhood and mystery school library. We will Greet you with a welcome list to get your aquatinted with the space ~ everything from our event calendar, living library, home of the sisterhood, as well as how to engage with all of our content / teachings. Within a day or so, you should be fully in-touch with the space and able to move through it with grace.

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