Gateway 3: Priestess Sensuality

Sexuality is a potent frequency, so potent that it sustains life. 

In this month we are going to be attuning to this life force energy to activate our priestess path, and celebrate our temples fully!

This is a HUGE gateway of healing + sovereignty, so take your time, but also dive deep! 

Lets begin, 

The Priestess Sensuality E-Book

The Priestess Path of Sensuality

Your Sensual Story

Self Pleasure as a Healing Force

Sexual Healing in Partnership

De-Armoring Ceremony

It is widely known that we store trauma + tension in our hips. The depths of this is carried into our yoni’s. 

De-armoring is the practice of intentionally going into our yoni’s to massage out tension from the pelvic floor. It can be a combination of self-pleasure, or simply a energetic cleansing practice. 

The key is to go inside, & bare witness to where you are tender from tension. The with your breath slowly massaging the tension out from the walls of your vagina.  

As you do this practice, it is natural for emotions to come up & especially resistance. As you get closer and closer to the stargate of your cervix, more and more tension will be present. 

De-armoring is so sacred because it allows you to consciously connect with her in a way that brings true healing, so that she can explore new levels of pleasure.

All that you need is some sweet, natural lubricant, & a pleasure wand. If you don’t have one I have some for purchase, or you can use your hands for now. I recommend using a crystal & safe glass wand as it holds greater healing potential than a plastic dildo. 

It is safe to go here love, take yourself there so she can be free.

Private coaching/mentorship, & online courses.

So, how are you feeling now that we have begun to explore the themes of sensuality? 
Do you feel empowered, or maybe a little far from it? 

No matter where you are at now, it is okay! There is always ore room to expand + grown into. 

Self sensuality is key for our resiliency, so my love, lets dig deeper! 

In our guided journey for this month, I will be guiding you through a self pleasure ceremony. In this ceremony you are invite to get intimate with yourself, and really go there. My love, how long has it been since you have connected with your own sacred sensual energy just for yourself? For some of us, especially those who have lived beyond our bodies for a long time, being intimate with ourselves can be hard. I wish to assure you sister, that this is a safe space for you explore. From this experience you can reset & reeducate yourself on the landscape of your temple. 

Listen to her & allow her to guide you 

A guided journey to explore your self pleasure potency

Listen to self pleasure ceremony

Connecting deeper with your vulva ~
How connected do you feel to your feminine sexual organ? 
What do you call her? 

She is a sacred portal for life, I invite you to explore her ~ 

Every single morning for the next week, before you go about your day, go the the mirror ( a small handheld one is helpful) & say to her “Hello Gorgeous?” 

The author of Pussy A Reclamation shared this practice in her amazing book.

This simple, yet sweet greeting to our own anatomy has proved to be a powerful force of change.

Choosing to see your female anatomy as beautiful is something that feels so tender. I’m sure you too have spent far too much time critiquing your vulva rather than flattering her… But what if you learned to adore her? Even worship her?
According to Mama Gina & her sister goddesses, this practice will dramatically shift your perception of self & how you show up in the world! I believe it & am seeing it manifest in my own life, & i would love for you to explore this magic with me

Fierce femininity blooms from practices like these.

They stoke our inner flame to bring light to spaces within our temple that have gone long forgotten.

Mama Gina shares that there is a Great Pussy in the Sky (GPS) & the more we honor her, the more magic we find in our desires – I am all for it, queen!

So my dear, today I invite you to get a mirror, & revel your vulva to yourself!

Say “Hello Gorgeous”, giggle, & feel the love!

Sacred Playwork

Playwork is your opportunity to dig deeper into this magic & explore your body as a sacred temple! 

Imagine :: A Self Portrait Photoshoot

This is a sweet opportunity for your to marvel over your own beauty! This photoshoot is for you.

You do not have to show these to anyone else, but if you’d like to can share them with a lover or in our sisterhood. 

What you will need : 
~ A devoted space where you can be alone & expressive
~A camera to capture yourself 
~Props that help you feel sexy
~A sense of sensuality for your own spirit

Self Breast Massage

Massaging the breasts is important for two reasons.
1) To circulate the lymphatic fluid of the breasts to keep them healthy!
2) To activate the heart chakra & self compassion!

As we are exploring + pushing a lot of constructs this month around our bodies & sensuality, this ritual is a soft gesture to show kindness to your body. It will warm up tour tissue, soothe you emotions, & activate your self confidence! 

To begin you will need oil or an herbal butter/salve. 
You will begin one breast at a time moving in a clockwise motion. Rubbing the bottom side of the boob, side boob, & the top where the chest connects. You will do this in circles for 1-5 minutes on each breast. Once you do both, you are invited to do both at the same time. Then, I invite you to meditate on your heart & invite her to open up to receiving more love.

Playlist of the month :: Priestess Sensuality

Sensuality is fed through music ~ move your body, flow with her!

Furter Education

Books to read ::
~ Magdaline Manuscript
~Pussy, A Reclamation  

These two books have held me beautifully,
& I pray they do the same for you sacred sister.

You have now completed of Priestess Sensuality!

I know this months theme is going to bring BIG MAGIC to your life! Please share your breakthroughs with our sisterhood on the voxer app when you feel ready, we are all ready to hold you through this process. 

For our next call landing on Feb. 13th at 7 PM CST, you are invite to DRESS SEXY! This can be in lingerie, a gorgeous dress, or even a robe! Whatever makes you feel like an Aphrodite incarnate!

Looking forward to seeing you there sister!

Taraney Nicole

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