Gateway 5: Fierce Feline Energy

Held in her divine duality.
Seen in her sacred paradox.
Honored by her spoken word.
Brave in her truth.

The fierce feline energy is archetypal energy to assist us in deepening our sovereignty in all of its embodied dynamics. She will teach us  the way of a feminine who is completely at one with her wholeness.

Welcome to gateway 5

Fierce Feline Teachers

Evoking Your Feircness

Honoring your Yes & your No

Sovereignty Embodied


This is a channel activation for the Goddesses Sehkmet & Baset.
Please only watch in a moment where you are ready to receive these codes.

To prepare, drink a tall glass of water. Set up your ceremonial space. Tune into her, breathe with her.. when you are ready receive this light language transmission. 

A guided journey to embody your fierce feminine

Listen to the guided journey

Priestess Retreat Guide - Taraney Nciole

Sacred Playwork

An Invitation :: 
Vocal Codes

Our voice is the holies of holies that we own. When we embody our vocal codes we claim our reality in a much more rich embodiment. 
This practice is the activation of feeling safe in your ability to speak your truth.

To Begin ::
* Take 2 full minutes to breathe into your temple with sweeping breaths that clear any stagnation for your body.
* Breathing into your womb with a soft belly, begin to hum in a deep tone. Allow it to be natural, explore the depths of your sound. Practice this for as long as feels complete.
* Next, breathe from your heart – still holding a soft belly hum & tone from the resonance of your heart. Emotions & old energy may come out. Allow it to flow naturally out of your body to welcome a more clear & honored heart-cave. 
* Crown is next, breath into her and now, you will sing from the magic of your crown codes. Express, dream, speak to the goddess with all that you hold in your temple.

Do this practice once a week for this entire month & watch the magic happen!

Fierce Feminine Embodiment 

Your second playwork assignment for this month is to do something that scares you! Something that you have wanted for soooo long but you have been avoiding or procrastinating against. Go there. Show up for yourself and this vision. Make the magic happen & share it with our sisterhood so that we can celebrate you! 

Playlist of the month :: Fierce Goddess

One of our purification rituals for this gateway is movement!
Put on this playlist & alway yourself to just dance!

You have now completed this month's gateway!

You are invited to share your healing experiences with our sisterhood. Our group page is the sacred space where we can dig deeper & practice the magic of using our voice.

When you speak your truth, it gives all of our other sisters to do the same – this is where we can step into our power!

Questions to ponder on:
*Where do I tend to hold back in my daily life that limits how powerful I feel?
*What could I add to my daily ritual that can express feline power?!
*How do I feel about the feline goddesses?
*What codes & activations are taking place within me as I expand deeper into my power?

Be sure to dive all the way through our e-book! There are some amazing bonus practices & worksheets!

Looking forward to connecting with you in our next group calls!

Big Love, 
Taraney Nicole 

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