Gateway 6: Blessings Way

In our final month in the Temple of Her, we are blessing the path ahead.

We will be taking all the divine wisdom we have gathered, and put it into action.

This is our time to rewrite a new story & go through a full-scale rebirth so that we can fly high into our Sacred Feminine path. This includes shadow work with intuitive knowing & ancestral healing. We will be exploring how to open new doors for personal & planetary healing in order to initiate the Temple of Her as a way of life.

Welcome to gateway 6

The Blessings Way

Ancestral Healing

Self-Sourced Self-Worth

Make A Big Wave

The Temple of Her as a Way of Life

A guided journey to embody your Blessings Way Ritual

This journey is free from music, so that you may play a soundtrack that supports your ritual frequency.

Listen to the guided journey

Listen to the Ancestral Healing Meditation

Listen to an Abundance Transmission

Listen to the Quantum Birth Meditation

Sacred Playwork

An Invitation:: 
Stir Your Honey Pot

Our spine is the pillar of our wealth. When we feel good in our spine, we are aligned with our vitality. In support of our temple body, it is extremely important to tend here as it creates a direct connection from the womb, heart, & crown. This is a simple ritual you can work with the welcome your body + mind into full readiness for the blessings to come. 

The frequency of this embodiment begins now.

+ Begin with taking 3 minutes of full 6 count breaths. Hold for the count of 6, exhale or the count of 6, & repeat with the inhale.

+ Visualize holden honey sitting in the bowl of your pelvis as golden coins dance down upon your temple body. Feel the richness held in your temple frequency.

+Slowly move your spine in small circles while keeping it straight as if your central channel is a hollow bamboo stick. Meditate with this tantric movement for 3-9 minutes.

Practice this daily to tune into your blessings frequency

Playlist of the month :: Blessings Way

This is a collaborative playlist!
Open Spotify & add  your most liberating + abundant songs!

You have now completed this month's gateway!

You are invited to share your healing experiences with our sisterhood. Our voxer group chat is the sacred space where we can dig deeper & practice the magic of using our voice.

When you speak your truth, it gives all of our other sisters to do the same – this is where we can step into our power!

Also, please remember you are welcome to connect with me 1:1 on voxer! I would love to know how this month’s practices are supporting you, and how we can dig deeper for your personal journey! 

Be sure to dive all the way through our e-book! There are some amazing bonus practices & worksheets!

Looking forward to connecting with you in our next group call!

Big Love, 
Taraney Nicole 

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