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This Weekends Super Full Moon In Leo Has A Powerful Message For Your Ego

The Leo Full Moon

The Leo Full Moon dawns early in the morning on February 9th, about 12:33 AM MST. Depending on the time zone you live in, this full moon could be at its fullest during the late night of February 8th! I invite you to connect and work with the potent energy this Full Moon has to offer on the night of the 8th, as that is when it will be closest to its fullest! The energy coming with this moon is going to be super high, as this will be the 4th closest super moon of the year!

This Full Moon is packed with a lot of opportunities to look at yourself honestly in order to identify illusions, self-fulfilled prophecies, and ego driven actions that are keeping you trapped in unwanted cycles. No matter where we are in life, age, occupation, family standing, ect. we all have work to do when it comes to growing out of limiting beliefs. By connecting with the moon on the night of the 8th you are speaking to the Moon saying, I hear you, I trust myself, and I see my truth.

What does the full moon symbolize?

The Full Moon is a time of heightened spiritual energy. When the Full Moon is present, it allows light to be shinned on our true self ,so that blockages and negative habits can make themselves know in order to be released.

The Full Moon is all about choosing to consciously let go and release so that better energy can come your way. It is a time of self growth and reflection, and anyone can connect with the moon!

The Full is also a symbol of completion – allowing all phases and themes in your life to come full circle. Realizing your power, channeling creative energy, and understanding your core desires are some common themes you will find under a Full Moon.

What Is The Leo Full Moon About?

Leo is a strong astrological sign that is ready to find the truth, get the real hard, but much needed work done, and Leo’s are always ready to cut the bullshit, so that the truth can be known. Pairing this energy with the Full Moon is going to help you face yourself authentically and guide you towards allowing your life to just be.

Consciously choosing to sit with the moon in ceremony, meditation, or whatever ritual resonates with you will offer an abundance of energies to assist you in embodying yourself deeper. Grounding, generosity, courage, and universal support are a few of the characteristics this Leo Full Moon will grant us.

This Full Moon is going to advocate you to see where you truly are accomplished, conscious, and successful in your life. If you are blocking yourself from seeing your accomplishments, this full moon will show you the root of this illusion.

It is the beginning of February – we are one month into the New Year, and now is the perfect time to let go & get satisfied with where you are in the here & now moment.

It is all too easy to get sucked in the habit of constantly wanting to go, go, go, and this full moon honestly wants you to find balance in allowing yourself to just be satisfied & honestly happy with where you are at right now. Let this Full Moon in Leo feed you here.

Of course, Leo is an action oriented sign, so you will want to weave in actions that are rooted in trust to show the universe you are proud of where you are and that you see that abundance before you go and create more for yourself. This will be where balance is restored.

How can you show more self forgiveness ?
How can you honor the hard work you’ve put in to be who you are today?

Anytime the Moon is in a fire sign, the days can be filled with action. This Moon offers you the ability to shine and present yourself authentically. This being said, in order to show the world the magic you’ve got, you have to 100% believe in yourself. Finding balance, self forgiveness, and respect of your total self will help this Leo Full Moon bless you in the most abundant of ways.

Because this is high energy, if there are imbalances or subconscious actions that are keeping you limited, in negative illusions, or self hatred this Full Moon will knock you on your ass. Rest assured this is just so that you can stand up stronger with complete clarity of your strength.

When the Moon is in Leo, the universe loves to offer us an Ego check. This can feel really good or really bad depending on who you are. If you consciously choose to honor your own Divine Masculine Energy you will find much grace.

How To Honor The Full Moon?

Honoring the Full Moon will look unique to your own connection, love language, and spiritual comfort zones.

For some people, simply putting out water, crystals, and personal items to charge them under the Full Moon is perfect, and for others maybe they would prefer to do a specialized ritual to take in the moon medicine. Nonetheless, however you show up is perfectly fine! All that matters is your conscious connection and willingness to honor the moon as an extension of yourself.

Paying reverence for the Full Moon and all the abundance that comes with it looks different for everyone. I say this because building a connection with the moon and all its sacred phases is a unique process. You do not have to be extremely spiritual or witchy to connect with the Full Moon, in fact all you have to be is human.

If you are looking for specific rituals to engage with this Leo Full Moon check out our Kindred Collective!!! This is a membership group with specialized sacred self care & things magical! Each Moon phase we share a new ritual and guided meditation.

Best of blessings to you all under this profound Full Moon!

Taraney Nicole

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