A Divine Intervention for your inner Oracle, Mystic, & High Priestess

Your Sacred Feminine essence longs to be met.
Are you ready to meet her with the deep reverence that will reveal to you the potency of your embodied presence?


March 21st through the 23rd, 2023

You’re a Seer. You feel Her, and now you’re ready to BE Her.

It’s time sister… it is time for you to FEEL the abundance of power that is in your presence. It has always been there within you. Bound in your womb, in the light codes of you cells, and now… you’re ready to stretch your capacity to hold more of it. The times of outsourcing validation are over for you. This is a time of awakening into the sacred woman who is ready to be unleashed within you. 

There is so much more mystery for you to explore within yourself, & that is what this divine intervention is about. 



This is a FREE 3-day intervention that will reveal to you all the unknown sources self destruction that are sabotaging your sense personal power, pleasure, & purpose. Trust me when I say that within you is an Oracle & High High priestess that are willing & able to carry you into the next level of who you came here to be. Remember who you are. Resource from within. Follow the mystery.

Day 01.

The Oracle

Day 02.

The Mystic

Day 03.

The Priestess

Lean into the mystery of it all

Discover her divine blueprint for you…

How This Will Work

𐃢 You will enroll for this free three-day experience

𐃢 You will listen to where your sacred feminine essence is longing to genuinely be met in your everyday life

𐃢 You will join our Divine Intervention for one hour a day during the Spring Equinox 3-day portal

𐃢 You will come to know where your leaking your feminine power & blocking your pleasure

𐃢 You will integrate & activate these lesson’s into your daily life with the rituals + ceremonies you learned

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