Doula work - March 20th Spring Equinox - Super Full Moon

March 20th Spring Equinox + Super Full Moon: Heres What You Need To Know!

On Wednesday, March 20th we are going to experience something BIG!

At 7:42pm with the Equinox being on the same day at 3:58 PM (MDT), we are being granted powerful energy from the cosmos.

This months Libra Full Moon is a Super Moon paired with a rare and powerful event with the Equinox landing on the same day. This divine alignment is showing us that we have an opportunity, a portal of light through which we can set intentions upon, and receive potent and inspired new beginnings.

All that you have been dreaming about can now be supported by the fertility of this Equinox. Over the past few months we have been working deeply with the energy of enlightenment and self discovery. This has been a hardcore growing experience, and it is my understanding this this full moon is the prayer we have all been waiting for.

Winter was cold, tough, and bitter to say the least… Forcing us to go inward and do some serious self reflection. This environment we have been growing within is now about to change, and this Super Moon wants to shine light on all your growth! The Full Moon is a time of letting go, and letting in. We can receive powerful upgrades, as well as a direct door to let go of all our trash. With Spring coming in, it is 100% time for us to do some deep inner cleaning.

The power of this Full Moon will energize whatever you put into it. Since it is paired with the feminine energy of the Equinox you can expect a nurturing energy on Wednesday. Also, this strong balance between the Sun and Moon gifts us the ability to be supported by the masculine. A perfect combination of balance between the Sun and the Moon is extremely important when it comes to self growth. This provides sustainable energy for this new beginning, and an opportunity to call upon our higher selves to step deeper into our human reality.

Some deep questions this Full Moon event may be asking you are, What do want to plant the seeds for, to give birth to, to have manifest in your life? How are you willing to take disciplined action to make it happen? What are you willing to change, give up and push through to move forward into a new landscape?

The Equinox is one of the four most powerful solar points of the year! It is the turing point from winter into spring / death into rebirth. Deep emotional clearing is going to take place this week which means a “change” of your energy cycle, and immediate gifts, Self-realizations and new direction in your life! This can be very difficult as we adjust from one energy to the next, and in order for us to move forward we must honor and fulfill the lessons of winter.

“Just like the ground waters, frozen just below the surface through winter, begin to thaw once the sunshine of Spring begins to warm the ground…so too do your own emotions, once frozen and untouched, begin to emerge with the vibrational shifting of the Spring cycle. The waters; the emotions begin to run and they may run very quickly or trickle on out depending upon the intensity of the thaw you are undergoing. This is natural; this is how Mother Nature and your Soul helps you to clear. You must permit yourself the flow of the emotional realizations and allow the healing of the Sun; your Soul to take place. The Soul is like a Beautiful Sun filled with Love and Understanding for you. When you acknowledge that which you have held so deeply inside of you….frozen fragments like ice from trauma and sorrowful experiences, emerge seeking the warmth and comfort of Love and care….and you find release! You experience a blissful release and shift upward in your vibration! The Sun leads you to the path of personal victory!”
-World Healing Alchemy 

This adjustment between these energies may take a few days or even weeks to smooth out. Rest assured, how you react is how the outcome will be! If you allow everything to just roll off you like a sweet spring waterfall you be good, but if you try and resist the emotions, you will find conflict.

We are all likely feel a little off in our lives and we owe it to ourselves to address this shift. The best way to keep yourself in tune is journalling or speak out loud about what you are feeling. Aside from that, we are being called to use the magic that winter gave us, and engaging in some deep breathing, meditation or nature walks to let the new winds of Spring impart the isolation of Winter. Don’t forget that this Full Moon is also in the sign of Libra, and this will be helping us find Justice for all the good and bath that has happened to us. The “air” element of the mind will carry on the new vibrational changes occurring right now, and will gift you with comfort and insight. Clarity and peace shall dwell within you, but only if you go within. Spending time with others is the best way to navigate this patient energy.

When honoring the Equinox and Full Moon in a ceremonial way, if you can do it with support and community, all the better!

Gather a group of friends for a bonfire or day at the park building a mandala from spring flowers! Spending time in nature is the best way to work with the Equinox energy, and if you’re up for it, you can even do a Spring Equinox Ritual!

A Spring Ritual:

Light some incense of your choosing, and three white candles.

Stand facing the east, the place of the rising sun. Salute the east by saying this:

Welcome element of air, fountain of insight and inspiration. Let the creatures of the air surround me with clarity of dreams

Imagine yourself in a field of green wheat, the wind making waves through the standing stalks. Smell the air and notice the freshness of spring. You might feel a physical gust of wind, or see the candles flicker as the element of Air surrounds you.

Turn clockwise to the north, the place of Mystery and Groundedness, and the element of Earth. Salute the north with these words:

Welcome element of Earth, fountain of fertility, creativity and strength. Let the creatures of the Earth surround me with power and a nurturing spirit.

You may have a vision of an animal that comes to share in your experience, this is your totem. Imagine the animal sitting beside you as you reach out to pet him or her. Feel their companionship, they have always been there but you may not have connected before.

Sit in a spot between north and east, and taking up your pen and journal, begin to access our dreams. Write whatever comes to you, do not judge it, nor question it. Just write. Remember the things you truly crave, the creativity lost or the love needed.

Allow yourself to feel. You can also lie down and meditate, if you cannot write.

When you are done your work, say a few words of gratitude to the elements and send them back to whence they came with love. Thank your animal companion and allow him to slip away. Let out three breaths of gratitude.

Leave an offering to the God and Goddess, such as some bits of chocolate. Blow out all your candles before leaving the room, the element of Fire can be tricky.

If in a group, discuss your experiences. Eat a light meal to ground yourself.

(Via Elephant Journal)

I hope you all have a powerful Full Moon + Equinox, and that this blog helped you in some way or another! I am always here to further assist you through anything! I truly love doing Spring Card Readings, or Reiki Healing Sessions to help expand your energy as we shift into a higher vibrational time!

Remember to comment + share this blog with your loved ones!

Sending Sol Much Love,

Taraney Vigil

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