Doula work - Pisces New Moon

March 6th is the Pisces New Moon, Heres What you Need to Know!

The New Moon is upon us again, and this time it is coming with the watery and dreamy energy of Pisces. This is the last New Moon of winter, and this time around Luna is asking us to go inward.

The high vibrational energy that this New Moon brings is a strong opportunity to raise the bar of your life, or anchor in something powerful. We can think of this New Moon as a symbol of completion and trust that everything is in good hands. Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign, making it last in the grand cycle. This is confirmation that something huge is taking place right now, and that a big release is coming. All your hard work, your honorable hours are being paid off. Don’t let anyone fool you because the truth is, you are extremely supported at this time.

On March 5, the day before the New Moon, Mercury went into retrograde. This put a hug spin on the lessons emitting from Luna. Mercury is the ruler of communication, and being in the emotion sign Pisces, we need to be wary of communication errors. During Mercury retrograde we can witness a lot of technology errors, communication differences, and even travel delays. Since we are in Pisces at this time, also be mindful of mixed signals from the universe, communication in every way shape or form is going to be a little off. Mercury is going to be straight chilling in this energy until March 28th, making the next few weeks very emotional. If you feel like crying your eyes out, thats okay, do it! Just dont scream at anyone because it’ll get a hell of a lot more stressful. During this time, its probably best to keep to yourself and do some deep inner work, which is what this new moon is all about! 

This New Moon is a profound opportunity to rebuild your spiritual direction. Clear away any fear or anxiety by simply sitting in solitude and letting the moon do all the work. We are being called to just be right now, to simply allow space for our healing, and let the universe work its magic. This is a divine time to anchor down and build confidence and faith that the universe will take care of you. Pisces is a very spiritual sign, and if you resist its spiritual awakening, life may seem harder than it actually is. Be willing to open up and trust your intuition. Be honest with yourself and the whole world around you. This is a time to let your spirit free, and to have fun in the name of healing.

We’re also being forced to look at our addictions and vises clearly. The universe is putting us in a position to own up and admit where we are not taking care of ourselves. Lets be real, you know exactly whats hold you back, you know exactly what you need to do in order to feel free… Give yourself space to look at your life truthfully. The entire universe is supporting our liberation back into our power at this time. We are being invited to lay our addictions to rest, and prove to ourselves that we are powerful. The point is, we simply dont have energy to waste, and for most of us, our addictions create huge leaks in our electromagnetic field.

Pisces New Moon is probably one of the most sustainable New Moons to make  a wish upon. Her dreamy energy invites us deep into our imagination where we can make our biggest dreams come true. This moon creates a deep and spiritual place where we can commune clearly with spirit to find out what we need the most. Don’t hold back on this moon, allow yourself to set intentions that are far beyond what you see coming in a week, or even by the end of the year. This New Moon wants you to wish far and wide, deep within the future, and trust that your wish will be granted when time is due. What do you want your world to look like, how do you want it to feel? Who do you want to grow into over the course of the next several years? These are all powerful questions to ask yourself right now.

Although Mercury is in retrograde, its a good idea to connect with your allies. Maybe plan a gathering or ritual meet up with some friends. Being surrounded by people who you can trust will help you relax a lot right now. The energy is very high and emotion, being around like minded people will help you remember your truth and all that you desire from this world. Plus nothing like a light hearted gathering with your favorite people -its bound to get you in good spirits. Another reason I think this is a good idea is because there is profound power in numberer.  Meditation in groups has been proven to work far more effectively than alone. Since we’re dreaming big with this new moon, having some extra amped up energy will assist greatly at this time.

Some of the best things to do on a Pisces New Moon are

  • Write down your dreams and hold space to contemplate them
  • Work on creative projects like painting, music, or even dance!
  • Go swimming in the ocean, or collect sea shells
  • Buy new shoes (Pisces rules the feet)
  • Get a healing treatment
  • Go to a spiritual gathering!

Pisces New Moon Ritual: Dreaming Candle

Dreams are the ultimate Pisces experience. As we navigate the oceanic world at night, we throw out psychic nets to catch symbolic clues and messages about our existence. When the sun and moon embrace the water depths of Pisces at the New Moon, its a perfect time to cultivate your dream life -by collaging a magical candle guided by your subconscious desires. 


A collection of images, 1 tall glass enclosed candle, glue sticks, scissors, lavender oil, a journal and pen, lovely music!

  1. Find a comfortable, well lit area with a table. Begin to assemble your materials and turn on your hypnotic music! Close your eyes and being to ground yourself, going inward to find the depths of your soul. All your breath to be steady and deep, and gently fall into yourself. Ask the goddess to bless your ritual and guide you in dreaming big. You might gather a particular intention at this time or just let your soul guide your subconscious desires. Meditate and tune in.
  2. Let your dreamy mind choose how you want to assemble the images together. These can be magazine clips, old photographs, drawings, really anything that you feel connects with your soul. Cut them up and intentionally begin to choose how you want to blend them together on your candle. There is no right or wrong way to do this, just let your spirit flow into this creative process. Once you’ve glues your images upon the glass candle, place it on your alter, pray to the Pisces energy, and ignite your flame. Once the candle is lit, turn up the music and allow yourself to dance! This will raise your energy and gather a sense of celebration between you and the universe.
  3. Then, once you’re ready to wind down, take a New Moon bath with some lovely lavender oil, and just soak in the sacred New Moon energy. After your bath, sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil onto your pillow for sacred dreaming. This will stimulate your mind, body, and spirit and get you ready for the dream world. You might want to make yourself some warm lavender tea, or anything else to gather your relaxed spirit. Now, before you fall off into the dream land, take this time to journal. Write about your experience, and all the intentions you have for this New Moon. Once you’ve done that, you are ready to slide into the dream world, but keep your journal close. If you wake int he night after a dream, WRITE IT DOWN! Your Pisces New Moon dreams are capable of delivering strong messages and guidance so pay close attention, and trust that all is exactly how it should be!

I pray and hope that this New Moon is exactly what you need! I wish to see all your dreams come true! This is such an important New Moon, so please honor it and hold space for yourself! My birthday is actually on March 6, so I will be blessed upon a new year under the New Moon! How exciting! Please share you thoughts with us in the comments and share this blog with a friend!

Much Love,


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