Rebirth Ceremony Replay

Beloved, join me for a self-initiating ceremony to anchor your heaven-on-earth as the medicine woman you were born to be.

In this 1.5 hour transmission ceremony you will reclaim parts of yourself that have been lost, leading you to give your power away, question yourself, or even stifle your purpose.

With the tantrik rituals of the Temple Priestess Arts we will clear illusions of separation, and rise your kundalini energy with the red egg of Magdalene.

We explore an Akashic Record reading delivered for your to remember your power + purpose.

Our journey ends with a quantum + psychic activation where I lead you to the Isis Temple & Sphinx, where we resurrect your past life powers + so much more.

This is a profound ceremony.
If you hear the calling… This was made for you.
Join Us

With Love + Prosperity,
Taraney Nicole
Womb Priestess



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