Woman of Value, Somatic Ceremony

+ Online Embodiment Practice on May 28th, 2023 @ 6:30 pm cst

Heal wounds that leave you wanting to be chosen & break all the cycles that have kept you in comparison loops.

Woman of Value is about reclaiming your self fulfillment, for yourself.

This online event gives you the opportunity to name your value at a sliding scale price point! Decide what you want to invest in yourself. All that powerful to amplify your experience of Woman of Value. 
Range $60-$111


Feminine Embodiment Ceremony

  •  End cycles of comparison
  • Reclaim the value you feel about yourself
  • Discover how your sacred feminine energy wishes to express herself, for herself
  • Allow all of your masks to fall, so that you may be seen in your feminine truth
  • Instill a true sense of resonance in who you are / what you offer to this big beautiful world
  • Pulse your feminine power, pleasure, & purpose through breath, movement, & ritual

This experience is here for you to open up your feminine energy to viscerally feel the value of her presence, power, & purpose in your life. The Woman of Value embodiment ceremony will crack you open to fully seeing your self worth, & will support you in reclaiming the resonance you feel in as a woman of value.

As a somatic experience, you will want to set yourself up with spaciousness to move your body, privacy so that you can do the deep work, and a journal to process with.

Perhaps bring some tissues too for the tears this practice will invoke 🥺💧✨

~ this is going to be good medicine!

xxx Taraney



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