COURSES + PROGRAMS by Taraney Nicole

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Dive deep in my signature free offering all about embodiment. Discover feminine archetypes, somatic movement medicine, & how to embody your true sacred feminine essence within.  

Ignite your sacred sexual energy by alchemizing wounds that block your embodiment. Guided meditation + video lesson 🕊

A single 30-minute practice centered around reclaiming lost parts of yourself. Somatic movement, breath work, & vocal alchemy. 

embodiment codes

Divine feminine embodiment course for women who are ready to shift their paradigm from the inside – out.

feminine eros

Sacred sexuality course + activation to clear blockages, trauma, & old narratives from the body + psyche

resurrecting her

Somatic movement ritual to reclaim lost parts of yourself. Deep souls nourishment. Awaken your truth all over again.


Shed your masks. Retrain your mind, body, & spirit to be seen in your raw vulnerability. Remember you are loved here. This is a practice based masterclass that allows your inner work to find forward more clearly in every area of your life.

A divine akashic record reading for the sacred feminine to bring forward a divine activation for you to be completely rebirthed. If you feel in-tune with the Rose Lineage and divine feminine principle, this masterclass with initiate you even deeper.

Sacred feminine pleasure from the essence of the Rose. learn to anchor the power of pleasure into the core of your life. You will learn sacred feminine rite of passage, how to alchemize pain, & expand pleasure in ever area of your life. Profound.

Embodied wealth codes for women who want to expand into true wealth that lasts. Structure + strategy with a whole lot of spirit. Infinite Money CODES. 

A three-day initiation to welcome yourself into the Priestess Path. Land in your truth. Embody your mastery. Land in your sacred feminine essence fully. This offering is here for the deepest parts of yourself that are ready to remember the sacred ways of feminine truth.

This offering will gift you the archetypal feminine mystery teachings. I have crafted this course to support you in coming to know yourself deeply. This is a class will alight you with the true nature of who you are ~ from the inside out. Amplify. Amplify. Amplify.


Sacred sensuality & sexuality is something that all women. can feel in their bones, sometimes we just have to wake it up fully embody it. This is my signature course to help women heal their relationship with sexuality.

Activate your gifts & ignite your path as a soul-led business owner with me, Taraney as you guide. We go over everything from building offers, marketing, money magic, as well as integrity, healing core wounds, and finding your mission.

A pure rite of passage into the Sacred Feminine Arts. This course is a guide for you to find the sacredness of being a woman. Learn to connect with your body as a templet, as well as rituals and practices that teach you the beauty of who you are as a divine feminine being.

A live 6-week program centered around Tantra and divine feminine embodiment. Learn the path of the Tantrika and follow the mysteries she unfolds for you.

together we are redefining what it means to be a woman on earth

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