Private Mentorship

With Taraney Nicole

Embodied guidance to rebirthing yourself.

Whether you’re seeking rebirth in your personal or professional life, working 1-on-1 with me will offer a full spectrum experience of embodiment & radical self-healing.

I vow to help you bridge your dreams into reality.

My goal is not only to show you just how powerful you are, but to also attune you to the holiness of your sacred femininity. I desire to remind you of your worthiness + compatibility to wholehearted receiving your deepest desires.

The fact that you have shown up here, on this page, is a testimony that you are ready.

My private, 1-1 work is for sacred sisters who no longer wish to do it all o their own.

We will work with our intuition & your heart’s calling to practice embodied movement, womb wisdom, & sacred strategizing to rebirth you into the essence your spirit is desiring.

My mentorship work is offered both remotely & in-person for an intimate self-discovery journey!
Depending on your intentions/needs for mentorship, we will create a custom experience for your re-birth work.
This can look like a 3-6 month container, or even a weekend immersion retreat.

I will meet you where you are at in a way that serves your deepest desires. Working with me is an intensive experience of self-growth + expansion. Energy work, plant medicine, sound healing, guided journeys, movement, & channeled conversations are all included in 1-on-1 work. 


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Are you ready to listen to the calling?

Below you can fill out my general application to initiate the process of our 1-on-1 work. 
I only take on a limited amount of mentorship clients, so please truly tap into these questions, so I can see if this is an authentic fit for you. 

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Get raw & deep with yourself! This is a sacred container for you to authentically express where you & where you wish to be.
We all have something here - own it!
This can be a 1-6 month container, or even an in-person immersion! What are you dreaming?


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