Harnessing Centerpoint Alchemy

gateway 2

Temple Priestess Arts Tantrik Ritual

Canter Alchemy

Daily, in the morning and evening you are challenged to show up to your foundational Tantrik practice. Our daily ritual in gateway two allows us to remember the gravity we hold, all while increasing it! As you move through this practice daily, you are increasing your ability to harness your counterpoint.

2.0 Become your own Alchemist

2.1 Rebounding is Sacred

2.3 The Flow of your Passage Rites


We have explored the concepts and philosophy of the center point and how to harness it, and now we get to anchor it with a somatic experience. In the guided journey, you will be exploring your range, all while coming home deeper into your center. As you move through this practice, set intention, and allow the magic to happen. This is a process that can be revisited time and time again when you need to recalibrate to your holy, divine center-point.

Center-point Expansion Somatic Healing


In gateway two, your bonus material revolves around the Tantrika practice of working with yoni crystals and internal de-armoring work. This is an ancient tantric ritual that comes to support you in strengthening the foundation of you beings, the womb elixir. There is so much beauty and bounty to explore from this practice, and I am honored to share my experiences and wisdom with you from this topic. Please enjoy this video, and guided yoni egg ritual. If you are in need of a yoni egg, or any other sacred yoni work tools, please visit this website WAANDS.COM & use the code TARANEYNICOLE for 10% off your purchase! This is my favorite place to get all my yoni tools <3

Yoni-Work for the Tantrik Goddess

Yoni-Egg Ritual


As you have moved through the initiations of gateway two, please share your thoughts and realizations with our sisterhood of the Tantrika

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