About Taraney Nicole Vigil

Womb Priestess & Womens Sovereignty Mentor

Hello Beloved

A life path of devotional healing. Tararney Nicole is a Sacred Feminine Mentor, Vibrational Healer, Somatic Therapist, & Doula ready to support women from all walks of life to reclaim their personal power through centering their bodies + minds with the bountiful nature of their spirit.

My Personal Story

Supporting women through life changes offers me the greatest sense of purpose.
That sensation of knowing where she came from, what she desires, & then guiding her beyond the threshold into her complete embodiment is the purest path I know. I was born for this.

I grew up in a brokenhearted home fulled with tender hearts doing the best they can with what they’ve got. I learned to resource, trust, & lead myself. I grew up fast to say the least. As my home-life fell apart I was welcomed into the nomadic lands of being an ultra-independent young woman. At the age of 14 I synchronistically found my first Reiki teacher. Everything softened, my family began to healed – I began to heal. By the age of 18, I was a certified Reiki Master opening the doors that lead me to who I am today.

At the age of 19 I was raped by a man that I looked up to as a healer. He used my curiosity & trauma against me. My heart was broken. I was betrayed. I felt lost. This was the pentacle of my awakening that forced me to heal my womb. Anyone who has been sensually traumatized knows how disassociating it can be. Over the course of many years I relearned how to trust others & myself. Through many powerful women I learned modalities that allowed me to completely rebirth myself free from this sexual trauma. 

Over & over again I have learned to alchemize my pain into power.

I used the moon & my menstrual cycle to cleanse my womb trauma.
I worked with herbs to rebuild my nervous system.
I found somatic healing to come home to my body.
I channeled Angels, Goddesses, & vibrational harmonies to reclaim my sovereignty.
I fell in love with myself as I embodied my birthright of soft, feminine strength.

Now, I am here to share this Womb medicine with the world.
With all that I have transformed with my childhood & sensual trauma,
to not share with medicine with other woman would be a disservice to the world. 

Today, I assist women in everything from birth to rebirth.
We shed trauma & tragedy to embody sovereignty & sensuality.

A new way is here for you, Queen.
Allow me to show you the way.

My Modalities

High Priestess of :: Temple Priestess Arts | Usui Reiki Master Teacher since 2013 | 200 hr Hatha Yoga Teacher | Kundalini Yoga Certified | Holistic Doula | Intuitive Healer | Sound Healing Practitioner | Plant Elixir & Essence Marker