Temple of Her

A Journey to Embody the Sacred Feminine
Group Mentorship Program
Begins September 21, 2021

Sacred Wisdom & Divine Feminine Healing

The Temple of Her is a 6 month guided journey into the depth of our wombs for divine embodiment & spiritual healing.
This program is designed for all womxn, no matter her story, in order to learn how she can dance with her sacredness, love her body, & trust its wisdom! Our vision is the cultivate a sisterhood that is devoted to self-discovery &  sacred feminine embodiment.

Is this you?

Welcome to the TEMPLE OF HER

The Temple of Her is a guided 6-month embodiment journey into the depths of our divine femininity. We will reclaim our personal power, healing our womb story, & gather acceptance for all that we are.

The Temple of Her is our own divine inner sanctuary where we practice self-discovery. This sisterhood is woven by a collective of kindred spirits who all hear the calling to activate their Sacred Feminine path. 

With the tools of Intuitive Healing, Feminine physiology, and community we will be unraveling hidden truths within our mind, body, and spirit. Through the lens of the Sacred Feminine, we can peer inward towards our deepest divine truth. This is essential in embodying our most authentic and empowered self. The Temple of Her is a sanctuary that our hearts, wombs, and body can thrive in. We will consciously rebirth the version of ourselves that has always been there, waiting to be acknowledged. From here, we can create our highest life centered around self-love, understanding, & trust in the divine. 

Meet the Temple of Her Guide, Taraney Nicole

Womb Priestess | Embodiment Mentor
Somatic Healer | Vibrational Alchemist

Hello Sacred Sister,
I am honored that you hear the call to join the Temple of Her program! This 6th month journey is a profound ritual for wild expansion & abundance.
On the other-side of this journey, you will be fully embodied in your womb presence to lead a life of wild love + leadership. This course will change your life, sister.
I hope you honor the calling!

Peace & Prosperity,
Taraney Nicole

The 6 Gateways of the Temple of Her

Gateway 1: The Feminine Body as a Sacred Temple

We will begin by exploring the cyclical nature of our bodies. Tapping into the four phases of menstruation cycle will support our personal healing & empowerment. The foundation of this months work begins with building our morning & evening rituals. This will allow our Temple to show us how she wishes to be cared for. From here we can fill our vessels with rich wisdom & tender care.
Knowing how to honor our feminine body is the beginning of learning how abundant she is.

Gateway 2: Embodying the Womb as a Living Alter

Diving deeper into the wisdom learned during gateway one, we will explore the spirit of our womb. This embodiment comes through deeply acknowledging our womb’s story. We will be playing with the themes of Period, Pleasure, & Play in order to invite in all the archetypes of the sacred feminine & how she weaves through our lives. Yoni healing rituals will be our sacred tools to activate deeper embodiment. 

Gateway 3: Priestess Sensuality

As Womxn, we are naturally attuned to the world around us. Sensuality births when we completely open our senses in an aligned & pleasurable way. Sacred sensuality is honoring the connection between what we feel, what we desire, & what we create.
In this gateway, we will be exploring how to open up to all of life in a way that is sensual, sacred, and of course, sexy! Our rituals, missives, & tools will center around building pleasure in everyday life so that our erotic joy can radiate the ultimate level of peace into our lives. 

Gateway 4: Pillars of the Creatrix

Working with the tools of our womb cycle, this month we will be birthing a project into the world! This creative project can be for our businesses, jobs, healing practices, & our self-expression! The Pillars of the Creatrix system comes from our femme cycle of fertility, life, death, & rebirth. March offers to opportunity to birth something POWERFUL out into the world. 

Gateway 5: Fierce Feline Energy

This month is about honoring our power within. We will explore balancing our feminine & masculine energy in order to best serve our highest path. Boundaries, self-trust, & confidence are a few areas we will be focusing on.
Feline energy has been known to be mysterious, protective, intuitive, & deeply spiritual. Embodying this energy will guide us better into honoring the Temple within. 

Gateway 6: The Blessings Way

In our final month in the Temple of Her, we are blessing the path ahead. We will be taking all the divine wisdom we have gathered, and put it into action. This is our time to rewrite a new story & go through a full-scale rebirth so that we can fly high into our Sacred Feminine path. This includes shadow work with intuitive knowingWe will be exploring how to open new doors for personal & planetary healing in order to initiate the Temple of Her as a way of life.

The Temple of Her Mentorship Includes

Access to the full six months course material, 2 live ritual calls every month, & a whole temples worth of golden tokens from our sacred sisterhood. Each month a new Gateway into the Temple of Her will open with video, audio, & e-book material! You will have lifetime access to this living library course! Our sisterhood will have a private forum to reflect + connect within!

Energy Exchange for the Temple of Her

Priestess Pre-Price : $3,333 PIF *ends July 7th, 2021
This group mentorship program is offered at $555.50 per month for 8 months
If you’d prefer to pay in full, the price is discounted to $3,777 ( $600 + savings)

Come as you are; there is no need to have any specific prior training or experience to join this journey. All you need is the inner calling to embody your fullest self. Your investment is your devotion. This is a high-level offering for women who are fully ready to walk to Womb Priestess path of embodiment. Scholarships are offered for our BIPOC community + Single Mothers sister’s; please reach our personally to apply.

This program is for sisters who are ready to step into their power, accept true sisterhood, & rebirth their lives from the inside out

Still wondering if this program is for you?

Who is welcome in the Temple of Her

The Temple of Her is a pathway that invites you to dig deep into the depths of your own soul. With this being said, you must be ready to go there & bear witness to all the different aspects of yourself, as well as all our sisters. This is a modern-day mystery school program. We will be working with movement, rituals, & an abundance of magic to remember the truth of our femme path. This temple is free from judgment, including that which you inflict upon yourself. If you are ready to open your arms into your raw, authentic, & sensual self, this program is for you. No matter what your womb story is, if you want to tap deeper into its mysticism, the Temple of Her is here to support you. 

Who is not welcome in the Temple of Her

Folks who chose not to remember, or even acknowledge the sacredness of the feminine body cannot enter this temple. This program is built on boundaries that respect confidentiality, deep inner trust, self-admiration, & honoring of the Sacred. If you cannot meet us there, this program is not for you. The Temple of Her is a drama-free zone, & we choose to respond to life in a way that is grounded, empathic, & heart-centered. Because we will be working with sexuality, erotism, & healing the womb through pleasure, the Temple of Her is protected from perversion & disrespect of the feminine body in its sacred sensuality. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! This program can be worked with to learn how you can still receive the vibration healing from the femme cycle without the physical experience. At all times we go through this cycle, it is aligned with the Earth below us and the moon above. 

In all honesty, I think this program would be perfect for a womxn who has lost her period and wish to get realigned with the cycle it offers – weather you can get it back or not. In this case I will guide you personally through aligning and tracking the moon cycle. This will bring its phases into your temple, which all align with the hormonal cycles of your femme body. 

Even if the physical organ is gone, you you still have the Hara energy center which holds the creative life force energy. This is essential and the Temple of Her course would be perfect for you to work with to build connection with this energy center. 

Most definitely, if you identify as a women, you are welcome here!

When enrolling into the temple of her, you are expected to dive as deep as possible into all of the courses material. 

Each month you will gain access to a new module in our Temple of Her online course. Throughout the month, you will be unfolding the many layers of content that is offered on the topic. Content offered in these modules are: videos, audio journeys, workbooks, music playlists, & movement medicine guides. 

Each month we will gather for a 60-90 minute group call to connect as a sisterhood, and deeper integrate the lessons of that month. In these calls we will be practicing the Temple of Her embodiment practices. You are expected to join these calls! If for any reason you are unable to join one, you will receive a replay!

You have personal access to Taraney through voxer, a communication app. You are welcome to communicate with her here as much as needed along this journey. This is you 1:1 access & is a key point to getting the most from this course!

So, you are free to engage as deep as feels natural for you, but at the highest expectation, you are envisioned to show up, sink in, & stay open to the magic of the Temple of Her.

Taraney personally chose the container of six months due to the deep potency that comes from long term commitment to self. This is a super sweet spot where  you can witness the true alchemy of all that you are changing, while giving yourself enough time to grow without rush. 

You will walk out of this program a completely different womxn. 6 months will feel like a quantum leap of 6 years work. 

Have your own questions? Reach out personally for a call or chat to address all questions & concerns your have about the Temple of Her