Womb Temple

a ceremony devoted to nourishing your sacred feminine essence

12.3.2021 ~ 6-9 pm ~ ATX

Divine Woman,

You are invited to unfurl into a new month with Taraney Nicole’s intimate womb healing ceremony, The Womb Temple. 

This experience is for women who are ready to cross over the threshold of pain & pleasure, as they harness the power of their inner Womb Temple. With the holy tools of somatic movement, tantrik rituals, & sound alchemy, we will anchor in pristine energy for your womb space + whole body presence. Our ceremony is designed to drop you into your divine feminine essence while supporting you in unfolding your womb’s mystery : ie, traumas, pains, or even ancestral and karmic patters. 

This ceremony is for you, led by the holy mother, & completely in honor of all that you are. We will expand our hearts + wombs with three profound rituals guided by Taraney Nicole, the Womb Priestess.

The Ceremony

In the Womb Temple, Taraney will lead you through four womb-temple pillars

i. Tantrik Breathwork : A combination of Temple Priestess Arts rituals to move energy + anchor truth. These are designed to begin opening the records of yours womb, and locate what is ready to be healed. 

ii. The Naked Soul Ritual : This is a guided movement/somatic based experience for you to explore the pain + pleasure stories in your feminine body. We will recode the bodies relationship to these polities with dance, sound, & embodied expressions.

iii. Temple Priestess Self-Massage : We will all explore a self-healing practice that involves massaging the breasts and the womb hara center to move energy + physically nourish the lymphatic system, breast tissues, digestive system, & the holy womb herself.

iv. Sacred Sound Bath : Where it all lands ~ Relaxing into an angelic sound bath, Taraney will round out the ceremony with a deep sound journey focused on bridging your holy heart with your holy womb. This is a channeled experience that often includes crystals bowls, a gong, light language, toning, as well as other instruments attuned to a quantum activation.

Each layer of this ceremony unfolds upon itself. As a channel, Taraney may integrate additional rituals/practices if she feels called. 

Additional Information

For this ceremony, you are invited to bring comfortable additions for the temple space, if you wish to bring a sheep skin or cozy blanket to rest upon, you are more than welcome to! We also welcome you to bring offerings for the altar if you feel called. Please dress in comfortable clothing; you will have the option to release layers for the self-massage & somatic ritual. 

In honor of this ceremony, we have agreements in place to protect each of our desires + needs. If you do not agree with these, please inform Taraney via email; priestess@taraneynicole.com, to see what can unfold for you in the Womb Temple. Each agreement is up for negotiation, and will be discussed in the opening ceremony as well.


  • 1. I agree that the feminine body is inherently pure and non-sexual 
  • 2. I understand that this ceremony includes self breast and womb massages, which may be done nude depending on everyones individual desires/needs for their healing process. 
  • 3. I trust that everything that happens in this ceremony is part of the ceremony.
  • 4. I agree to not intervene or intrude in any other woman process, so that she can fully harness her healing experience.   

 If you have any questions about the Womb Temple ceremony, please reach out the Taraney personally via IG : @taraneynicole or email : priestess@taraneynicole.com

xxxx, The Womb Priestess

Taraney Nicole