The First Beloved

A ceremonial day retreat devoted to the feminine

FEB. 18TH, 2023 | ATX

Divine Woman,

The First Beloved is an intimate, high-touch immersion that is designed to crack your heart open to infinite love.

Over the course of 10 hours you will resurrect the Beloved within & rebirth yourself according to her vision ~

You are invited to unfurl with me as you explore a divine day devoted to your heavenly womb space.

This day retreat is for women that crave to deepen. Invoked by your heavenly nature, this retreat fans the flames of your temple body, and reminds you that you are the first beloved, always. With womb work as our devotion, this retreat offers you a full day of ceremonies and rituals that activate your true essence. The First Beloved invites you to remember that you are your own solace, and with the healing hands of sisterhood, you are welcomed to fall madly in-love with yourself over & over again~ 

Retreat Invitation

At this Divine Day Retreat, Taraney will lead you through four womb-temple pillars

i. WOMB WORK : Through a hands-on ceremony we will somatically listen to your womb space, and deepen your capacity to heal, nourish, and embody her. Alchemy happens here as we explore the mystery teachings of the womb and her journey of rebirth. 

iii. The Unmasking Ceremony : This is a guided movement/somatic based experience for you to explore the pain + pleasure stories in your feminine body. We will recode the bodies relationship to these polities with dance, sound, & embodied expressions.

iv. Temple Nourishment Circles : We will all explore the healing practice of massaging the breasts and the womb hara center to move energy + physically nourish the lymphatic system, breast tissues, digestive system, & the holy womb herself. An additional element of this ceremony will include yoni steaming if you desire to receive this medicine. 

v. Sacred Sound Bath : Where it all lands ~ Relaxing into an angelic sound bath, Taraney will round out the ceremony with a deep sound journey focused on bridging your holy heart with your holy womb. This is a channeled experience that often includes crystals bowls, a gong, light language, toning, as well as other instruments attuned to a quantum activation.

Each layer of this ceremony unfolds upon itself. As a channel, Taraney may integrate additional rituals/practices if she feels called. 

As a circle of sacred women we will be enchanted by the art of sacred song, fire circles, yoni steaming, and the many other mysteries that will surface during this retreat as we unfurl our four pillars. 

Additional Information

For this retreat, I am opening my home and sacred lands to you. It is an honor to share this great medicine with you, sister. In this way, we are keeping this event to an invite only retreat. The land we are gathering on is in Bear Creek, Texas – about 30 minutes from the Austin airport. I ask for you to please arrive to Austin no later than the 17th of February to ground down before our retreat day. 

Our temple doors open at 10am and we will end our retreat by 8:30pm. 

When you RSVP to this event, every single thing you need will be provided. Snacks, elixirs, herbs, as well as lunch and dinner will be offered throughout the day as part of this retreat. This is an immersive experience, so in it’s nature we will be giving 100% of our devotion towards the work we set-out to do. During the retreat you will have a one hour break after lunch to integrate and ground from our morning ceremonies. It is important to carve out time for yourself, leaving all work and home matters aside, so that you may focus on yourself fully during your retreat day. With this, we will turn all of our phones off for the day to truly tune into the Goddess.

This is an intimate immersion capped at 10 women.

Cost for this journey is $444, which includes all ceremonies, rituals, and meals.

For my ladies who are traveling from out of town, I have three beds available for an overnight stay. If you are in need of this, please message me privately for more details on this arrangement. I am also happy to help you plan any other details for your pilgrimage to Austin, Texas.

RSVP closes February 14th, 2023

xxxx, The Womb Priestess

Taraney Nicole

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