I’m passionate about postpartum care – I want you to be a well-prepared mama and research your Postpartum Plan just as much as you did with the birth plan. As a doula, I see many women plan so much for the big day but overlook the postpartum period. This is your recovery time and the beginning of your life with your blessed Earth-side baby. Getting the nursery ready is less of a priority.

Remember you just went through a whole rebirth, mama. You’re coming back home to a new you. Everything has changed.

Be fully in the present moment with it all – the good, the bad, & the ugly. Challenges are bound to occur along the way, & I encourage you to ask for help. You will be sleep-deprived, hormonal, and may feel overwhelmed. 

That’s where the postpartum plan comes in.

Knowing what to do when you take your baby home will help you not only survive those first weeks but also feel empowered that you’re making decisions that align with your spirit. 

Honoring and celebrating The Mother, the goddess, has been mostly forgotten in our culture. It’s our responsibility to revive this separation and prioritize nourishing and caring for the mother. Countries like the US have the highest rates of postpartum-related illnesses because of the frustrating notion that a recuperation period is self-indulgent. 

But you and my Wild Mamas know that the lying-in period is an ancient practice that honors healing and bonding with your newborn. Feel the newness of this blessed experience & make it count.

Tips on how to prepare for embodied postpartum:

  1. Decide who will be on your baby care team & assign tasks so you won’t drain your sacred energy. Many doulas are also postpartum doulas who can offer devoted support.

  2. Do not bounce back on your feet, mama. Focus on self care during the postpartum period (nutrition, rest & herbal care kits). Give time for the wound on your uterine wall to heal. Having a doula will support you with yummy meal prep, household chores & anything else you need or desire.

  3. Include body work, vibrational medicine & nurturing rituals

  4. When visitors come, be mindful of your boundaries and your wellbeing. What are the rules? You have all the say, queen

  5. Adjust schedules for sleep with your partner or baby team

  6. Research postpartum issues. Learn the signs of postpartum anxiety or depression to look out for.

  7. Have emotional & spiritual support with early feedings (breastfeeding or formula)

  8. Write down your strengths – maternal mental health is so important. Don’t forget you’re a good mama

  9. Use positive mantras & affirmations that spark something inside of you – feel your divine essence

  10. Love on your postpartum body – you just brought a human into this magical world! Learn my favorite ways to celebrate your postpartum body here on a previous blog post.

  11. Fall in love with your baby

If the thought of deeper support throughout your sacred pregnancy feels nourishing, I would be honored to hold you through that ceremony. Learn more about how we can work together here: https://taraneynicole.com/sacred-birth-work/

Big Love,

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