As a sacred birth doula, I support all types of birth — medicated or unmedicated. It’s my biggest priority that your birthing experience is as close to what you desire as possible, even if you change your mind in the middle of labor. This is your unique and epic birth story. 


For mamas who want to use an epidural, hiring a doula can offer you various ways of support, from before you even get to the hospital to the immediate postpartum period. 


A doula will help you:

  1. With comfort measures and increasing your confidence once early labor starts. Normally you will be on your own until the labor is more advanced but a doula will be by your side, helping you cope as you wait. A doula will also know when you need to go to the hospital.  

  1. With emotional difficulties as changes inevitably happen. You might feel disappointed or need reassurance that everything will be okay. You’re never in the dark — doulas have tons of evidence-based information to tell you what’s normal and what to expect next. They can also guide you with breathing and relaxation techniques to ease anxiety and stress. 

  1. With pain management. Breakthrough pain with an epidural is common and it can cause mamas to worry, but a doula has techniques at hand that will help soothe you and relieve more of the physical discomfort (heated blanket, massage, counterpressure). 

  1. With positioning by guiding you to follow your sacred body’s lead. A doula may place a peanut ball in between your legs to help you open the pelvis and keep labor progressing.

  1. With communication to medical staff, making sure that you’re understanding everything that’s going on and that your desires are at the forefront. Doulas can also help you ask the right questions and figure out the best options available.

  1. With making sure that your sweet Earth baby has skin to skin contact with you and your partner (this generously increases the enjoyment of your birthing experience and has lasting benefits). If breastfeeding is desired, a doula can aid you in the process and help transition you to a new home life.

Learn more about why you should hire a birth doula here on my previous blog post. And if you are curious if there is a difference between a midwife and a birth doula you can find more information here.

As a Sacred Birth Doula, it would be an honor to offer you emotional and spiritual support as you move through birthing your baby earth-side. Learn more about my sacred birth work here:

Big Love to You Mama,


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