1. Relax Her Belly

A soft belly is a powerful belly. When we relax our stomach, we allow ourselves to step into our truth

2. Give Thanks
Celebrate yourself in humble gratitude as a daily ritual. Own your power more through seeing it!

3. Breathe Deeply
Slow & Stead in through the nose out through the mouth

4. Activate Your Voice
Sing, Speak, Write, Explore what she has to say

5. Bask in the Sunlight
Bring your feminine body flat to the earth and allow her to receive light codes from the sun

6. Invest in Soft Fabrics
Adorn your temple body with light fabrics that welcome her into deeper softening

7. Meditate
Once a day to bring spaciousness into your mind & attract the life you want to feel embodied within

Do one every day & watch how magically you embody Her
What are your pathways to Sacred Feminine nourishment?!

Share rituals, tools, or even recipes below in the comments, or on the original post here, to support our sacred community

With honor & respect,

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