The postpartum period is phase two of the sacred birthing experience. 


My hope is to encourage you to celebrate your beautiful body the way that it is. Shut out the comparisons and just focus on being gentle and kind with yourself during this transition. 

You have enough to think about already mama. Let it go and ease into this beautiful time with your baby. When you love your full self — body, mind, and soul — you won’t be so worried about what’s on the outside. Things will shift organically, as you accept your body throughout the whole process. 


If at any time you’re struggling to accept what you see in the mirror, understand that that feeling is NOT your fault. We were taught that toxic habit, but your body doesn’t need to conform to unrealistic standards. Pretending that motherhood is all glossy is ridiculous. 


To honor and respect your body (even if you may not feel like it!), I have some ways to celebrate and embrace your fabulous self right now:

  • Connect with gratitude – you did everything right to produce the miracle you have right now. Your body did that and that’s amazing! Lean into that. 

  • Use positive mantras that feel uplifting to you. Try: “I honor my body”

  • Give your body self-love – swimming, walking your dog, nature trails, yoga or meditation class. Baby steps make a huge difference

  • Don’t check the scale – it does. not. matter.

  • Use essential oils and herbs – digestive herbs and lactation teas, nipple cream, breast pads, body oils, and perineal sitz baths or yoni steams

  • Nourish your body with healthy foods so you feel stronger

  • Notice what has changed in you for the better – these can be subtle changes in your body language, your glow, the sparkle in your eyes because you’re full of love

  • Shop for new outfits with your new body and have FUN!

  • Pamper your darling self

Introducing ways to give yourself permission to feel joy and love on your postpartum body is essential during this time. It’s not easy to do on your own and I hope you look for support. Your body has gone through a lot and deserves grace. Learn more about my sacred birth work here: 

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