We are recreating what true feminine empowerment feels like in the world

From the souls of our feet, the clarity of our womb, integrity of our hearts, & quality of our crowns ~ the feminine is being redefined.

I’m sure you can feel it sister

A deep reawakening inside of you.

Within these times is when we rise.

Recreating feminine power comes from the essence of choosing truth.

Truth of ourselves, our sisters, our mothers & grand mothers.

Today I say, enough is enough.

I choose to rest high upon my throne ~ dripped in ruby & gold.

Today I rise.

Today you rise.

Today we all rise.

High upon the Priestess path we are long beyond the awakening of the feminine.

She is here now.

Shedding skin of past lifetimes ~ clearing the betrayal that took her power away.

She is remembering today.

The way of grace

The warmth of her eternal connection to source

The portal from which she births

The nothingness that allows her to recreate time & time again.

Sisters, this is it.

Today the feminine reclaims.

Tomorrow she lives on in harmony & prosperity for what is to come.

I am honored & enriched by this world we are rebirthing in honor of Her



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