I first discovered the medicinal powers of Cacao while I was living in Costa Rice in 2016! Like most people, I loved chocolate and it has always been a source of joy and pleasure in my life. Finding out that raw Cacao has been used as a medicine for emotional and spiritual benefits gave me a feeling in my heart that I will never forget.

The first time I took a sip from Cacao in a mindful and ceremonial way I knew that this was something powerful and that I needed more of this in my life. Cacao has been used as a sacred heart activator for centuries by the indigenous people of South and Latin America. In the West, Cacao has been painted and prepared in a completely different way. Process sugars, milk, and other additives drown out the potent medicine this plant has to offer -leaving us with a faint idea of what we are actually consuming.

The chocolate we consume is an entirely different world that the deep-seated plant medicine it truly is.

The more I learn, the more my mind expands with awe over Mother Cacaos grace! My intention with this blog is to reveal the authentic truth about ceremonial Cacao, its health benefits, history, and how you can transform your life with this medicine which also paying respect and tribute to its ancient roots.

What to Expect From A Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Ceremonies have a shamanic nature to them. Being native to the indigenous peoples of Latin and South America, each ceremony is going to have that deeply-rooted sacred energy that most plant medicine ceremonies have.

Rather than experiencing hallucinations, mother Cacao offers a physical high that is felt from the nutrients and cellular medicine that the plant contains. A ceremony with Cacao will root you deeper into your body, focus your mind, balance your heart, and will restore one’s health. In my personal history offering ceremonies for myself and others, I have yet to experience anyone purge from Cacao.

The energy that Cacao gives is focused and fun! Each ceremony is different depending on who leads it. Some will open space for you to dance, sing, or even create art, which others will hold space for deep meditation. No matter what Cacao is a spiritual medicine that one can do to for self-discovery. 

Most ceremonies are done in a group setting and are a great way for communities to come together. Often times they will include prayer, intention setting, group discussions, and a meditation. All of these aspects are important to do during a ceremony of any size because they connect us deeper with Mother Cacaos energy. Overall, these ceremonies are a powerful opportunity to open up, communicate clearly, and connect with like-minded humans. They energy Cacao gives the heart is a supported and intimate feeling that encourages us to explore our pleasure and blockages that are stopping us from doing what we love, and loving what we do.

A ceremony with Cacao is a wonderful opportunity to find peace, pleasure, and inner knowing. You get to turn the outside world off and go inwards to learn from your own heart and heal all that intend to.

Benefits of Cacao

Cacao contains a world of physical benefits as it is jam-packed with minerals and vitamins. The main benefits of cacao are on the heart. Anyone who needs some extra cardiovascular supplements should look into Cacao as a form of medicine.

Cacao is also renowned for releasing dopamine and endorphins in the body, which soothes emotional/mental imbalances, symptoms of PMS, as well as depression, anxiety, and overall is a mood booster.

Cacao contains anandamide, which is known as the bliss molecule. This is the same thing produced in your body when you workout and you feel a rush of good energy. This helps the overall energy flow in your body, a surge of peace in your mind, and offers a physical euphoria.

Plus, it helps to balance blood sugar levels and create more blood flow to the brain – this is the main reason why Cacao helps to strengthen awareness and focus.

For centuries, cacao has been used to heal the mental, physical, and spiritual body, and it is my strongest belief that Cacao is the medicine most people need!

The Spiritual benefits of Cacao are just as abundant!

Most humans in modern life have a hard time opening their heart on an emotional and energetic level. Cacao is rich in its ability to raise the hearts vibration which is amazing for spiritual connection and wellness. Cacao will allow you to connect with yourself in the deepest way possible and acts as a gift to your heart and willingness to connect. Any fear will be replaced with acceptance, love, and joy.

The deep connection Cacao offers with your higher self and any higher powers you connect with -ie God, Goddess, Angels, and Guides will be strengthened each time to take it. Because of Cacaos ability to get you deeper in touch with your true self, you are able to resonate with these wise energies in a whole new way!

Most of all, Cacao offers sacred grounds to explore your pain in a supported and safe environment. It holds space for your feel all your emotions at the core so that you and let go and find ease.

Learning how to open your heart is one of the most honorable gifts of our time. In a world where that is quite a heavy task, medicine like Cacao can offer a sacred space for you to remember your ancient roots, and offer you the soul medicine you need. This allows you to awaken to your true potential and step deep inside of vulnerability so that you can embrace your truth.

There are hundreds of Cacao ceremonies taking place around the world today, so it this speaks to your soul, please go find one!

Personally, I host ceremonies a few times a month in the Houston area; check out my workshops tab to find a ceremony happening soon! It is my greatest please to hold this sacred space.

With love, 

Taraney Vigil 

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