Hello beautiful community! I want to have a conversation around womb wisdom and allowing ourselves to come back into alignment with the ancient ways of the womb. 

My name is Tara Nicole, and if you’re not familiar with me I am a womb priestess. I am a woman who supports other women in embodying the harmony, the brilliance, the grace of their womb space, healing from trauma that may be stored there, and allowing themselves to access personal power through their wounds. 

If you prefer to receive this transmission through video please watch below:

In this blog, we will be talking about anchoring in our ancient womb wisdom. We’re going to begin by just asking that all of our wombs come online to receive this transmission, and allowing the grace of the Divine Mother to be present with us. For everything that does resonate with you in this beautiful transmission may it be fully downloaded within your temple body. And anything that does not resonate with you or does not serve your path just leave it so that you can make more space for what does resonate with you. 

Every year I host retreats at Mount Shasta, California. During my most recent retreat, I initiated and led 15 women through a priestess embodiment practice and the Temple Priestess Arts. Which is a lineage that I lead and teach to support women in remembering their sacred feminine truth, and how to heal other women on Earth using vibrational medicine and hands-on healing. Leading this retreat was monumental. The biggest thing that was present and emerging through this retreat experience was the remembrance that this is not the first lifetime where I’ve done this work. This is not the first lifetime where I’ve met these women that I’m leading and I know that this is so true for all of the people who are coming into my field. Perhaps even some of you who are reading this blog, have spent lifetimes together doing sacred womb work. With this awareness, that this is not the first rodeo per se where we have done this, I stepped deeper into the ancient wisdom of the womb. Not just the wisdom that is emerging in this present modern-day conversation, but the ancient technology of the womb that has been unfolding since the beginning of the time.

The beauty about the womb and why I’m so passionate about it and inviting other women on earth to come into a greater relationship with the womb is really centered around the fact that this is the sacred space within us where all of life emerges. Whether that be in the womb of our physical body, the womb of the cosmos, the womb of the Earth, the womb is that sacred space where Source meets us to unfold more. 

In the tantric philosophy that I live by there’s this truth that we are simply consciousness unfolding upon itself. The depth of that truth of consciousness unfolding upon itself begins in our womb space, and allowing ourselves to tune into that is an ancient remembering an ancient truth. That is the seed of taking our sovereignty back. As we look at that we can remember and bring into our awareness that there are so many women on earth who do not have sovereignty over their wounds, let alone their life. There are women who are circumcised. There are women who are forced to have abortions. There are women who are not allowed to have abortions. There are women who are forced on birth control. There are women who are forced to have their tubes tied, who are forced to have hysterectomies, or who maybe aren’t even necessarily forced, but are manipulated into doing so. The more women that we have on this planet who are being manipulated and being forced into disconnection of their womb space, the less of a chance that we as women have the opportunity to anchor heaven on earth. 

If you know me if you resonate with my messages and my life, and what I have to offer here, it is that truth. That we are here to anchor heaven on earth, love, and that begins in the female body. Because the female body is that space within our wombs where a spirit is constantly ever-flowing and divinely embodying within us. So calling back our sovereignty and choosing to fully harness the potency of our womb is the first step of coming back into ancient remembrance of womb wisdom. I hold so much compassion for my sisters out there who are in a space of womb degradation. 

There was a sister at the retreat that I was able to work with who had many cesareans, and after her last cesarean, her doctors manipulated her into burning her fallopian tubes so that she couldn’t have babies anymore. This is an example of an experience of womb trauma that is irreversible. You can’t unburn your ovaries. You can’t unburn the experience of being raped or molested. You can’t unburn the experience of having birth control for a certain amount of years. But what we can do is reclaim. What we can do is bring healing. What we can do is resurrect these powers. So even if your womb has been burned, even if your womb has been violated, you can still reclaim that power by sending healing to this place in your body where this happened. 

This example that I’m going to share with you is pretty universal, no matter what womb trauma you have. This ancient healing practice is available to all of us. It really begins with just coming to the womb, and saying I am so sorry that this happened to you. I am so sorry, that this happened to you. I am so so sorry that this happened to you. No matter what you have experienced, no matter how much trauma is piled up upon you, I am so so sorry that this happened to you. And the reason why saying this to ourselves, first and foremost is so essential in healing the wounds of our womb is because it allows us to come back into that feminine softness. It allows us to take off the narrative of trying to be strong, of trying to persevere, of trying to hold it all and allows us to just collapse. I know for myself and many of the women that I work with, whether that be in my Temple Of Her program, or my one on one mentorships, or my retreats and my training’s, is that we’re all friggin’ trying to hold it together. We are in a wild time on Earth. There are so many variables that we are constantly combating, let alone our own personal traumas. The more we allow ourselves to take off this armor of trying to just stay strong, the better chance we have of actually healing that which is tormenting us. By saying I am so sorry that this happened to you allows us to soften and allows us to meet that place in ourselves that is still grieving. That was never allowed to fully feel what happened to her. It allows us to acknowledge that what happened was really hard.

That is where healing begins. It begins when we acknowledge and we’re no longer bypassing our traumas. From there that allows us to emerge into sovereignty, and to say “I am so sorry that this happened to me. I’m going to find a way for it to work for me.” Because, you know, our traumas truly do happen for us and our self-realization. As twisted and sick and paradoxical as that can be, it’s true. I can say that from my own lived experience of being a rape survivor. I know that in some weird, mysterious way that this served me to awaken to the power of my womb. To force me to heal myself and come into a relationship with my womb, so that I can not only be sovereign and healed in myself but also so that I could support other women in healing their temples and healing their wounds. So by saying “I’m so sorry that this happened to you” by acknowledging the fact that what happened to you hurt, that allows you to fully meet yourself. That then allows you to fully recognize who you are, where you are, and why whatever happened to you did happen to you. I know it’s hard. But this is the beginning. This is where we can really allow our lives to recognize ourselves. This is where healing can really begin to unfold and happen for us. 

If you are a sister who struggles who is it’s really hard for you to go to that place. If you’re still holding that strength and if your masculine energy isn’t able to turn off and unfold so that you can meet yourself in that space where you are still deeply hurting. I send you so much love sister. I want you to know that you’re not alone. That there are many women who hold this and this is something that I still work through, honey. If you need support, call upon support. I’ll be happy to support you and I have a whole lineage of priestess sisters who are happy to support you as well. We don’t have to do this on our own. If we want to continue to raise the Divine Feminine frequency on Earth, it begins by healing our wombs and allowing ourselves to meet those tender spaces within us. Allow the ancient wisdom of the womb to emerge from our own pain. That is the priestess paradox: finding our pleasure through our pain. 

It was an honor to share this with you guys. If any of you have any questions about womb wisdom please send me a DM on Instagram. Thank you so much for allowing me to share this message with you guys and if you feel called please share your further thoughts in the comments. 

Find the original video here on Instagram and share it with a sister who needs this wisdom. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CS-WHI0HNjb/

Satnam See you on the other side.



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