Baths are my go to self love luxury.

They are such a gorgeous way to detox & restore ourselves on every level.

Soaking in herbs and salts is extremely good for your entire body, including your energetic body! So if you’re looking to protect yourself and raise your vibration listen up!

I’m talking about reviving your aura by soothing it with sacred waters. Do you wanna shine like gems and diamonds? Reflecting light everywhere you go!

Everyday we interact with dense energy, and that is why it is so important to cleanse yourself often –especially if you are an empath or highly intuitive. Taking an aura cleansing bath is just like smudging your energy.

Signs you need an aura cleansing bath:

  • You’re feeling emotionally and/or physically drained
  • All you want to do is crawl into bed with your cat and put a pillow over your head
  • You feel overstimulated
  • You’re constantly exhausted (and it’s unrelated to last nights party)
  • You feel overwhelmed
  • You’re withdrawing from everything and everyone (even your besties)
  • People around you notice that you’re in a general “funk” or seem “off”
  • You notice you’re just “going through the motions” of life

Cleaning you energy is the perfect reset button

Here are 3 steps to create your own aura cleaning bath!

What you will need:

  • Herbs and salts
  • Journal
  • Essential oils

Prepping for you bath:

Sometimes when we take a bath we often listen to music or a documentary, but for this bath you’ll wanna take a break from your electronics. Also I invite you to set some intentions. Maybe you’ve been in chronic pain, need some emotional detox, whatever it is, set it, and trust that this will be fulfilled. Maybe you can journal while you’re waiting for the tub to fill! That is a perfect way to tune in!


1) Gather your herbs and flowers! Our Radiance herbal bath blend was especially designed to do this! I love putting fresh fruit or flowers in my bath water as well. Pink salt is amazing too!

2) Fill your bath with warm water. I always like to charge my bath water with reiki and my prayers. i do this by simply by placing my left hand on on the spout and my right hand in the water. Imagine that healing energy is flowing through your hand, and pouring into the water as it falls. With your minds eye you can see the water glowing white! You can also enhance the healing energy by placing crystals in the water. Everything and anything works, its about the energy you bring.

3) Once the tub is full, light some candles and get in! Meditate, mindfully breathe, and allow yourself to be cleansed!

This is the most important part; you must use your imagination and visualize yourself healing in sacred waters. Imagine yourself cloaked in light. Start feeling the vibrations you infused into the water -your energy and you herbal solution!

  • If you’re stuck, try this visualization: In your mind, imagine gathering up all of your mental “clutter” – this could negative thoughts about the people you work with, worries about your teenage daughter, financial stress… Gather up ANY icky thoughts that come to mind. Now, imagine tossing all of that negativity out with the trash. Mentally return to your now empty and clean mind. Imagine your aura is sparkling gorgeous, vibrant colors that radiate through the room! Enjoy the feeling of it being simplified and whole!
  • Here’s one of my favorite aura cleansing meditations: Take a few deep breaths and think about someone you love (or all of the people that you love!). A partner, a parent, child, pet, friend, Spirit Guide, Jesus… anyone. Now, let your mind be flooded by all of the things that you love about this person…Allow your mind to flood with love and the wonderful, positive attributes and memories of the person(s) you love! Hold onto that lovely feeling and allow it to naturally cleanse your aura.

Know that no matter what you are being cleansed. Your actions are your reality. Right now you are honoring you temple and bringing healing to yourself. Watch the magic unfold.

After you get out of the bath (I suggest soaking for at least 20 minutes) take time to journal. Write what differences you feel and what you are manifesting through this positivity.

I highly recommend that you check out our radiance bath blend! It relaxes the body, nourishes your skin, and the infused reiki will purify your spirit.

I love you all so much! Happy solstice <3



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