Cleaning the Chakra System. 

Our chakra system is essential to our wellbeing. Our bodies energy and will to work involuntarily comes from our chakras. Without their health, many blockages and illness will build up in the body. That is why it is important to cleanse them regularly.

How do Chakras get blocked?

The chakra system constantly closes and opens on a daily basis due to different foods that we eat, and interactions that we have throughout our day. It is perfectly normal for the chakras to close, but when this happens, we must balance them.

You can tell that a chakra is closed by the physical characteristics of the body part that correspond to the chakra. For instance, the heart chakra. When your heart hurts, or you have illness within the organ itself, or even if you notice that you are being careless and lacking compassion, your heart chakra is blocked. In order to be in alignment and recover your health, you need to cleanse out the blockage and balance the heart center.

How to cleanse the Chakras

There are many ways to cleanse out blockages within the chakras. It is important to use all methods and find what works for you! Some people enjoy using Reiki to cleanse their chakras, and others work with crystals or even meditation. Here are three methods I have found useful!

Energy Extraction is a very helpful method because you pull the negative energy directly out from the chakra. This method takes practice and patience as you learn and adapt to working with energy. The chakras rotate in a clockwise motion when they’re healthy, and when they are unhealthy they are stagnant. To remove the stagnant energy you will take your hands and rotate them counter clockwise over the blocked chakra. Rotate 7-10 times, or whenever you feel the negative energy release. From there, you will pull the energy out and transform the energy into the light. It is important to disperse the energy mindfully, and one method i enjoy doing is putting the energy back into the earth and ask her to transform it into clean chi!


Using the breath is another beautiful way to cleanse the chakras. The air we breath is essentially positive life force energy and when we take it into our body with the intention to heal, magic happens! Alternate Nostril Breathing or Nadi Shodhana is one of the best ways to use the breath and clear the energetic body. Click HERE  to see a video on how to cleanse the chakras with Nadi Shodhana.

Meditation is one of my all time favorite ways to cleanse my chakras and tune in with my own energy field. By calming your mind and tuning into your body, you can cleanse the chakras simply with the power of your mind. Here is a guided meditation on cleansing the Chakras.


Continue to study, and explore the world of working with our chakras. There are thousands of ways to clear this system, and these are just a few methods.

Over time you will begin to create a stable relationship with your chakras, and will be able to pick up on destiny very quickly and even cleanse them psychically. It is always important to ask for protection before and after cleansing.

I hope that these tips were useful and that they will assist you in diving deeper into the sacredness that you are.

Sat Nam,


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