When I realized that I was the only one stopping me – everything changed.

So I quit.

I chose to stop trying to explain myself to people who could never understand the depths that I have gone to be who I am today.

I chose to quit trying to justify to myself why I am worthy of this life.

I chose to just BE.

Because at the end of the day all that matters is that I am here being what I was always meant to become.

My truth.

& that is why thousands of you resonate with my essence.

It is my integrity.

Doing the right thing when no-one is watching.

Doing the right thing for myself

+ doing it with a whole-heart.

If there is anything I have learned from leading women into the body of my work, it is that life is & always has been my initiation.

Aligning with the Priestess path takes guts.

You must rise above the ashes of your traumatized soul.

You must rise because that is what spirit is asking you to do.

You must arrive to the shadows of your own essence to reclaim all the fragments of your truth.

We stop ourselves from stepping beyond these thresholds because we are scared – rightfully so.

To be honest my soul shook for year as I began to remember my Priestess power.

Still, typing that word takes a deep breath.

My mission is to anchor heaven on earth again.

In order to embody this mission… I have to quit stopping myself from the bravery it is going to take.

From this place, I know how to guide other women to the same.

If you align with this path, I bow to you sister. I know it did not come easily.

I pray for all women to divinely embody on Earth ~ that is what I am here for.



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