I began my journey into the world of aromatherapy with essential oils.

Wandering into crystal shops and healing circle, every new age yogi or light worker, whatever we call ourselves, had some. It all began with patchouli oil, the deep and crisp smell of transformation. As I dug deeper into myself I dug deeper into how the hell essential oils were changing my life.

It all started with a little essential oil package, it came with a few beginner oils like lavender, peppermint, and tea tree oil; I loved them. In high school I suffered from a lot of anxiety. Crippling fear and discomfort ruled my life for many years. Spiritual growing pains are a real thing.

Thank god I was introduced into essential oils, because they are one of the key players in why I am still here today.

Lavender essential oil


A dream come true. I can remember putting on my lavender oil in my high school parking lot every day during senior year of high school, rubbing it into my wrists till I felt calm enough to face another day of public school. The aroma didn’t take long to kick in and calm me down. That is what it is all about, taking it easy and calming the nervous system. Research has shown that an estimated 43% of people who suffer from stress or anxiety use some form of alternative therapy –like essential oils.

This stuff works, and this is how.

How essential oils work

 When you put on an essential oil on your body, or you smell it, the properties enter your bodily fluids, and they then distribute throughout the entire body. From here the chemical and neurological system comes into play and they all begin to interact and change how we are feeling, breathing, and experiencing our reality. You can apply essential oils on the soles and tops of the feet, ankles, on top of the vital organs, abdomen, back, neck, around the ears, temples, crown of the head, and the wrists. Some essential oils are harmful when ingested so be sure to do you research before using them orally, but it is almost always safe to use time on the body over the areas listed above.

Blending it all

 The more I learned about essential oils and why they were changing my life, the more I got into them. I tried a variety of oils for all different uses. Peppermint for my sinuses, tea tree for bug repellent, ect. I began to blend them together to create more impactful healing remedies.

Stress Relief with Essential Oils

One of the most common uses for essential oils is to reduce stress or anxiety. There are so many herb that help with this. Lavender, Rose, Bergamot, Chamomile, Frankincense, the list can go on forever. Nature knew what it was doing, and I took this knowledge and ran with it! I created my own reiki infused essential oil blend called Easy Goin’. Powerful aromas that stimulate the mind and assist in making you feel at ease. Lavender calms the mind and reliefs obsessive thoughts, rosemary stimulates the brain, eucalyptus help relief the body of any stress, and bergamot is a powerful stress reliever. All of the blended together are perfect to calm the body, mind, and soul so that you can experience the bliss of stress relief.

Self-Healing with Essential Oils

I think the key to using essential oils is to promote self-healing. By using these flower remedies, we are teaching our bodies how to heal naturally again. By stimulation the mind with a certain smell, we are recreating that pathway. For us women, healing is something that can most of the time come naturally, and were all for the new scoop of how we can relief our pain, or anthers.

I have blended together a special essential oil called Lady Magic that works with our divine reproductive system, and we all know, we can use some more of that. Lady magic blends Frankincense and Lavender oil together to create an alternative way to combat cramps, PMS, and even ovarian cysts. I learned this trick from the best female guru Tranquil roots.

Increasing Confidence with Essential Oils

 What it really comes down to with using essential oils and all forms of self-healing, is that we want to feel better. We want our confidence to be better, our body and mind to feel better. And this is possible. There are thousands of essential oils ready for you to diffuse and blend into your life. My blend called Sacral is designed exactly for this. I want you to feel comfortable and to no longer face life scared. You are sacred, and I want you to remember that. I began my journey with essential oils to combat my chronic pain and anxiety, and now I use them daily for a variety of reasons. There is an essential oils for everything, and they are waiting for you <3

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