Claiming your sense of self worth and value as a woman is a true feminine healing journey.
It is a sacred feminine path that leads you to discover all the ways in which you cut yourself short. Feminine healing is about reclaiming yourself after years, perhaps even a lifetime of comparison. Comparison keeps you bound in cycles of trying to better yourself where you actually only continue to diminish your sense of self. Comparison only creates lack of self trust and confidence. When you do feminine healing work you will bring an end to all the patterns and cycles that diminish your sense of self. 

When a woman is ready to reclaim her value, she is truly ready to heal all the cycles and patterns that hold her back from feeling the powerful woman she is within. While looking to the world around you for feedback is a natural pursuit, comparison is not that. There is a way to go about seeking feedback and reflections to determine / understand the value you bring as a woman. In this, you want to go about that process in a way that truly uplifts your feminine, and leads you into a deeper embodiment of who you truly are. 

I believe that the powerful woman you’re seeking to embody right now is already within you. She is simply waiting for the right circumstances to blossom, and fully reveal the power she holds for you & the world.

In this post I am going to be to sharing with you my intimate perspective on why I believe feminine healing is such an important part of womanhood… especially as it relates to your value, self-trust, and ability to live a feminine way of life that is rooted in resonance.

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Why women must stop seeking validation
from outside of themselves in order to
discover their value & sense of worth.

I believe all women can feel self-sourced in their sense of personal power, pleasure, and purpose. Womanhood should feel secure, fruitful, and deeply nourishing. I believe your womanhood will thrive when you end cycles of searching for validation outside of yourself through comparison, and instead learn how to feel your own value from within.

This is devotional womanhood. Choosing to live in harmony with your sacred feminine energy, and doing the work to cultivate a life that allows her to blossom. We want this blossom to stream from your ability to nurture your resonance as a woman. This will seed from your relationship to your own uniqueness and the ways in which you go your own way.

Devotional womanhood rekindles your connection to the feminine so that you may truly know who you are and what you are capable of creating for yourself
It is a path of reclaiming your power, choosing to live a life of pleasure that serves and nourishes you, all while believing in your purpose as a sacred woman.

As women we need feminine healing because we have been forced to mature in a world of performance. When you look at the life most modern women live, what themes and patterns do you see?

For me, I constantly see women forcing and pushing themself to be seen. 

This leads to patterns of performing in order to get recognition. 

Naturally the feminine wants to know how she is being met by the world. This is a pure desire that holds so much purpose for women. It is this inherent need that has lead me to create Woman of Value; an embodiment ceremony I’m hosting online on May 28th.

While sometimes performing can feel true or necessary, and even be a natural part of self discovery… often times it will leave you feeling dissatisfied and feeling even less valuable than before because you were preforming due to feeling that who you are in your raw form was not enough to receive the recognition you want or need to feel valuable.

When you catch yourself preforming, clear the pattern by consciously slowing down and choosing to soften into your feminine truth in that moment. For example, if you’re scrolling on social media and you see a woman experiencing something that you’re always wanted… rather than comparing yourself to her and grasping onto that ideal of being like her… take a deep breath. Honor your desires, and choose to root deeper into your own embodied experience in this moment while staying open to the manifestation of that possibility.

I see the performative feminine show up the most in two areas of women’s lives… work and social media. 

It can be so challenging to engage in these environments in a way that genuinely feels good for the feminine because there is a lot of competition. These environments are saturated with people who are trying to prove their value and show off what makes them so valuable; making it extremely hard for the true nature of who you are to show up as she is, and trust that you are more than enough, and very valuable. I want to begin looking at this through the ens of women in the work space. 

How to know your value
in the work space as a woman ::

In some ways it is natural to compete in the workspace, especially if you’re in a male dominated industry… For most women whether we’re entrepreneurs, in a corporate environment, modeling, or even doing sales for a company in some form or another we have to provide and reveal our worth to our customers, clients, and/or our employers. It’s kind just a part of this world we’re living in, and I believe that we must learn how to live in right relationship with this, so that our feminine energy can thrive. Living in right relationship with the need to provide and reveal your worth to the world looks like genuinely feeling it from within. Rather than proving it, or performing to meet the expectations of others… you must truly feel your feminine resonance and know that you are worthy of recognition because you are doing a great job. (We will get more into this later…)

How to overcome comparison and the negative effects of social media as a woman

Now, with social media it’s a bit more challenging because for one, these spaces are completely new to the human species, and two, they are specifically created to profit off how we share our lives, and whether or not people find what we share / say to be valuable. 

Social media is performative which makes it very easy to become toxic for women. Every time you scroll there is someone doing something you admire or crave, someone who looks better than you, who got more likes, followers, or views than you. Comparison runs rapid, and most apps like instagram and facebook have been proven to challenge women’s self-confidence due to the nature of ranking and algorithmic patters.

On the other hand social media can be very liberating and exciting, and even offer a sense of community that most women crave. I know this is what keeps me on social media even though I find it quite challenging.

I find social media challenging because it forces me to preform in order to engage with my community and because it is infused into my business and work often times I get my value as a woman and business owner so confused due to how well my content preforms. It can be such a mess, ya feel me?!

It is through my own personal healing journey with social media that I have done the most work to find my sense of self worth and value as a modern woman. I have had to get very real with why / how I had been preforming & how that affects my mental health. I came to see that I was giving away way too much power #’s of social media, and not enough credit to the quality of connection and resonance I already have on Social Media. 

Getting caught up in the numbers created this false sense of value in me. The numbers only satisfied my mind and the ancient feminine would have wanting to be chosen. Even in moments where I felt fulfilled by a post of mine trending, I found that that fulfillment was fleeting, and not sustainable. In order to genuinely experience fulfillment, I had to reclaim my sense of value in a way that base truly based off the depth of resonance I felt within my community engagements and environments (both in-person & online).

Sacred Feminine Energy

Two Feminine Healing Questions,

What can you do as a woman when your environment asks you to reveal or provide more of your value?

How can you better be in right relationship with the experience of sharing your value as a woman?

Well my love, for me, it all began by feeling my sense of value from within.

There are many spaces that can make a woman question herself and even diminish her sense of self-trust. Because of this, it is beyond necessary for you to turn to feminine healing as a way to overcome the wounding patterns that competitive culture programmed you into.

Maybe there was an experience at work that made you feel obsolete, or even something you saw on social media that made you question your beauty or purpose… go into these memories and distill what happened and why it made you insecure. By doing this work you will begin to get cleaner on where you’re giving your power away  and were you need feminine healing. With this information, you’re ready to begin rekindling your sense of value as a woman.

When a woman reflects on her life she can discover the cause and effect of her experiences, which essentially rationalizes why she felt that way, and therefore be more objective about her external pressures that lead her to pretend. 

Choosing to see what caused you to put on a mask and perform in order to prove yourself to the world is the first step to reclamation. 

In the world of feminine healing you discover how unnecessary all of the masks are because you come to know who you truly are and why you are soooo deeply valuable.

Your value reveals itself, there is no need to prove it.

When you feel your value, it is simply felt because it radiates from within you.

How does feminine healing enhance your sense of self?

When you choose to heal insecurities, you naturally awaken new levels of confidence. Feminine healing brings an inner sense of fulfillment, and builds true feminine strength. By healing from wounds that have caused you pain and suffering, you naturally are able to move on and begin to relate with life from a well healed place. For womenthis is everything.

There is this inner sense of power that a woman reclaims when she heals her femininity. You take off your mask and see your own beauty. Gazing into your own feminine essence, you feel your heart. You remember who you truly are.

This is the strength that leads you to cultivate a life that you know will satisfy and nourish you as a woman.

Environments that try to make you prove yourself become repulsive and you have the feminine power within you to not engage with them. With that being said, you naturally will evolve how you engage with social media or your work place. At the end of the day, you know you have a choice in how you want to engage, and when you do feminine healing work that choice becomes so simple… “will this actually serve me?”

The way to practice feminine healing, so that you may naturally feel your value as a woman  begins by turning inward and listening to how your feminine feels. By listening to how your feminine energy is responding and relating to your outer world, you can begin to do the inner work that will offer her healing.

This is an experience of self discovery.

Asking questions as you turn inward is essential if you want to heal your inner feminine and how she feels.

Journaling questions for feminine healing

  • how do I feel when I am truly in my feminine energy?
  • what is important to me & my inner feminine?
  • what do I want for myself as a feminine soul?
  • am I doing _____ to please others?
  • where is the impulse to perform coming from?
  • what masks am I wearing that give me a fake sense of self?
  • how can I better nurture my organic feminine energy?
  • what are my insecurities and how are the effecting me?
  • what needs to change so that I feel my value as a woman?

At the end of the day asking yourself questions is great, but nothing changes if nothing changes. Often times in order to genuinely rekindle your relationship with your feminine energy / expand your capacity to feel your value as a woman… you need a lifestyle shift. I see 100% success in women who take this route. 

How to heal your feminine & create a lifestyle where you can thrive as a valuable woman?

Feminine lifestyle shifts breathe devotion into your womanhood. It’s the little and big things that connect a woman to her personal power, pleasure, and purpose. When you choose to live in harmony with your sacred feminine energy, and cultivating a life that allows you to blossom in your own organic way… you feel sooo juicy and alive!

The value you feel comes from you staying true to yourself, and taking time to celebrate the nature of who you are & how you are actively sharing that with the world around you. No matter where you are, social media, work, or any other event, your womanhood will exude devotion and power because that is what you have cultivated. It’s contagious.

So my love, my invitation for you if you’re struggling to end patterns of “proving yourself” and desiring to rekindle your sense of self worth and vale as a woman is to go inwards, and ask your feminine what she needs to heal. Remember a lifestyle shift comes from building a devotional daily practice that helps you integrate what you desire into your life. 

As a sacred feminine mentor, I help women solve these issues with my own unique approach to feminine healing. You can discover more on how to work with me and who I am here ::

+Sacred Feminine Mentorship

+Womb Work for Feminine Healing

+The Vessel Membership to begin your path of devotional womanhood

On May 28th I am leading an embodiment ceremony that will help you bring all the wisdom I’ve shared with you in this post into your body! This event is called WOMAN OF VALUE🌹

In this 1.5 hour online gathering I will lead you through a visceral experience that will teach you how to self source your sense of value from within! Join me & learn more here :: Woman of Value Online Event 

It’s such an honor to share my thoughts with you on such a powerful topic. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me too in the comments, and if you know a woman who needs this message please send it to her! We all need words for our feminine hearts to heal and know we are not alone.

Big Love, Taraney Nicole

Psst, new post coming soon on how to evolve the way you receive feedback in the world to clearly see the value you bring. Stay tuned!

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