You are scared of going your own way because there was once a time when women were burned at the stake for it.

We are collectively paving an unknown pathway ~ one where the modern women has a choice.

This threshold can be terrifying.

& finding your personal power can be paralyzing.

I’ve been there & so many other awakened women have as well.


Breaking through centuries of suppression is not easy. It takes a brave spirit to embody a life that is free from patriarchal control.

Every s i n g l e woman that I support comes to me desiring a bigger, more blessed life than she is currently living.

Scarcity often blocks the pathway & she knows that she needs support, so she hires me.

We often begin within the imposter archetype; which I find to be completely natural as you begin to expand. To me, this sensation of imposter syndrome is simply your spirit saying “holy shift this is big”…

This is where the magic begins

This is where the magic begins

In this threshold — we have a choice:

1) Stay Small


2) Say Yes

Sacred sister, you are so worthy of embodying the big energy that is calling to you.

You were born to show the world that indeed, the feminine is limitless.

Anything that tells you something different is only tied to the hatred, betrayal, & abuse of the wounded masculine.

You are so beyond that, & the universe is ready for you to step into your own way of being.

You are ready


Resting on this land I am reminded of the countless times I have rebirthed myself in honor of expansion. Each time it gets easier & more rich.

If you’re currently here, my love, I want you to know you don’t have to do it all on your own.

Explore my website to find a pathway to welcoming my support into your life

Peace, protection, & prosperity,


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