Herbal Infusions –
A guide to making your own medicine.

The sacred offerings of our plant friends are those which share vitality, peace, and protection – all you have to do is truly get to know them.

How do you make a nourishing Herbal Infusion?


Wild Medicine is for the wise.
For those who are willing to get their hands in and create their our nourishment. Herbs are a gift to us humans and when we choose to begin working with them, we are truly opening a whole new relationship with ourselves and the entire world beyond our own skin. The preparations you can make with simple plants growing outside your door is quite astonishing, and today I am going to share with you a sweet guide to making your own Herbal Infusions! I will share the ritual, as well as some recipes for you to begin with. Allow yourself to tap into your intuition, and always follow the plants wisdom – I am simply here to share what has worked for me!


Herbal Infusions are a simple preparation that is quite easy. They are nice to add to your everyday. All you will need to create your own Herbal Infusion are your herbs, a jar, and fresh water.
Making an Herbal Infusion is just as simple as making yourself some tea, where the water is the menstrum which extracts the vitamins and minerals from the plant matter.
They are soft, sweet, and rich with nutrient! Essentially herbal infusions are just like tea, but instead of waiting 5-10 minutes of steeping you allow the herbs to steep for 30 minutes and up to 1 whole day. Slowing down and giving the herbs a significant amount of time to release their constituents is a vital part of medicine making, so the longer you wait, the more packed with love and health the infusion will be.
You can think of an Herbal Infusions as a concentrated nutrient rich drink, which can be enjoyed cold, warm, or at room temperature.

What makes Herbal Infusions healthy?

Herbal Infusions have become the building blocks of my health revolution. Adding this simple ritual to my weeks has increased my connection to the plant world and created an amazing shift in my physical vitality from my gut health, energy levels, and even my womb’s mooncycle. They deliver a dense amount of nutrients into your body in a way that is ancient, and I believe deeply craved.

How to make your own Herbal Infusion

When it comes to making your own herbal infusion you want to focus on using herbs that are abundant in vitamins and minerals. Some that I commonly work with a Nettles, Milk Oats, Rose, Red Raspberry Leaf, and Yarrow.
There are so many herbs to choose from, and I invite you listen, and go within to find which herbs would work well for you.
In this guide I will share with you different herbs and the medicine they carry, and one recipe. But, to begin lets learn all that you will need to make your own at home!
Below is a video on how to create Herbal Infusions.


Once you do the process that I shared in the video, you will let it sit. This can be in the sunlight or on your alter. I always like it to be a magical experience.
As always, intention is key, and as long as you set it, you are doing just fine!
You will let you infusion sit and brew for 30 minutes and up to 1 full day. Then, you will strain out the herbs so that just the infused water is left. Once this is done, it is kind to always offer the used herbs to the land near you. I have a specific hole I put all my scraps in, and invite you to find a spot too. This is a simple way of saying thank you and returning the plants to the land in order to create better soils for the future!

What herbs are good to use for an Herbal Infusion?

Most herbs can be used in an infusion. There are truly so many that you could choose from. I think blog post I will share my top four herbs that I use in Herbal Infusions and why I go to them specifically.
Please remember this is my own preference, and I invite you to go out and find yours.


This herb has amazing ant-inflammatory properties and is nutrient rich for the Kidneys, Adrenals, and Blatter. Nettle is a diuretic, which provokes detoxing to take place in the body when consumed. Because of this I recommend drinking lots of water when having a Nettle infusion, or really any preparation made with Nettle.
I typically go to this herb when I feel the need to detox and deeply cleanse my body. I will try to make a big jar and drink it all through out the day along with about double the amount of water I usually drink. You will feel the detox taking place within your body, and for me I also feel this happen energetically, because of course it is all connected!
So, if you are feeling stagnant and need a good clearing, a pure Nettle infusion is the way to go.


Bitter and powerful, Yarrow has become my go to herb for many years. It is very gifting in the way that its medicine is very versatile. When making an infusion with Yarrow, I would recommend mixing it with other herbs as its taste can be very pungent and over powering. It works well when combines with Tulsi / Holy Basil. The two combine very well on a tasty and medicinal level.
Yarrow is a protector, a guide for our spirits to follow balance. It can aid in filling us up in times of depletion due to both physical or emotional overwhelm. It will help you learn your own energy, and how to build boundaries that can be honored with grace and ease.
For the body, Yarrow nourishes deeply from fevers, urinary tract infections, any type of burn or sting, and even menstrual cramps.
Drinking Yarrow as a tea or infusion can lessen heavy bleeding during menstruation.
As a women this herb is golden.

Milky Oats

Anytime I see this herb, I cannot help but to bow. The gifts it has offered to my emotional health is astonishing. I began working intentionally with Oats, including Oatstraw and Milky Oats, in the mid Summer of 2019. This was a really exhausting time for me… emotionally my nervous system was dry, along with my adrenals. To be quite honest I was fighting my own depression trying to cope with some very heart wrenching events, and this herb carried me so gracefully through it all. I infused it into my everyday through tinctures, teas, herbal infusions, and of course my dreamy baths. I religiously took it daily up until the end of winter, and can say that it is a testimony on how smoothly I got out of a very hard emotional drought.
Milk Oats have a very high amount of magnesium and potassium, making it a great herb for the nervous system, endocrine system, and is a well known herb to use as a natural anti-depressant – I can truly say this worked for me. It is cooling and so nourishing that you system will soak it up gratefully.
I turn to a Milky Oats or Oatstraw infusion when I need a spirit puck me up. Personally I love a warm infusion with this herb, which can be done by using boiled water for 30 minutes. If you’re experiencing nervousness or even anxiety, I would recommend using this plant medicine.

Red Raspberry Leaf

Mmmm, I had to share this one for last as it may hold the sweetest spot in my body. Red Raspberry Leaf is well know in the world of women’s wellness as it provides deep nourishment for the womb. I can honestly say that drinking Herbal Infusions of this herb has completely calmed my cycle, offering me little to no cramps or PMS symptoms. It is tonifying for the uterus and helps to build blood. In both menstruation and child birth it has been said that Red Raspberry does not take away the pain, but rather makes the contractions more effective.This means that it better prepares the body to go through this shift in a way that is graceful and supported. It will also help support milk supply for feeding mothers.
Overall, this herb is amazing for all womb carrying people. It is profound in the way that it helps build a safe and productive environment in the womb, making it a much more pleasurable experience; I can say this for myself and you are welcome to find if it rings true for you!

Earthney’s Everyday Herbal Infusion Recipe

What you will need:
Tulsi, Yarrow, and Red Raspberry.
Water and a jar.

Creating an everyday alchemy, or even a weekly alchemy drink I would recommend doing a combination of herbs. I prefer to keep it simple and sticking to about three herbs. I will have a base base, an energetic herb, and a home run herb.
For my base I like to have something taste and well rounded, and in this recipe it is Tulsi. Also known as Holy Basil, this herb is yummy and kind to the Gastrointestinal system as well as the blood flow of our body.
Yarrow will be the energetic herb for its blessings of protection and honoring of boundaries!
The herb I would crown as the home run for this recipe is Red Raspberry Leaf because it will bring complete balance to your temple and allow vitality to settle in.
To make this infusion you will simply mix all the herbs together and make it just as I showed you in the video. You can choose to let it infuse over night or in the morning using warm water and allowing it to set for 30 minutes.
It is the whole experience of the Herbal Infusion that builds the ritual. From the making, to the infusing, and even the consuming.
Before you take in your lovely Infusion show gratitude and praise for the medicine and all yourself to take it in with joy!


Let The Magic Happen

Explore this world with an open heart. There is so much to be found. Creating these lovely infusions always makes me feel like a goddess, and I hope that it does the same for you!
Trust the process and always listen to the plants!

As far as gathering herbs there are plenty of places where you can buy online, and eventually search around your area to find herbal stores or local coop’s where bulk herbs are sold.
Some places I would recommend are Rose Mountain Herbs, Oshala Farms, and Black Locust Gardens.

Please share with me your experience and any other questions you may have by commenting below!
I truly love hearing back from you all.

Blessings to you all,
Taraney Nicole

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