Greetings Beloved’s! It is an honor to bring you guys this message of caring for bleeding bodies, and how to enter into a sacred relationship with menstruation. 

I want to go ahead and just begin with a prayer and an invocation to completely shield and protect a golden diamond light field around each and every one of us. Around our technology, our cell phones, wherever you are tuning in from around you as an individual, me as an individual so that we can bring forth the most pristine transmission that is free from all forms of infiltration, and truly protected by our grace and our desire to learn how to care for our bleeding bodies. 

This is a really, really important message for every woman that is tuning in to this. I’m sure you’re bleeding from your womb, you are menstruating, or you have loved ones who are menstruating. I believe in my heart and my soul, as my living transmission as a womb priestess, that the integrity and the honor that we hold for ourselves while we are bleeding and through our whole cycle is how we initiate the depths of self-honor. 

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When we honor ourselves, that is when we rebirth into the life that we have always meant to live. That is when we rebirth into the life that is nourishing, that is rich for us, that truly brings forth great healing, prosperity and wellness. 

When you are bleeding, how do you care for yourself? Are you willing to slow down? Are you willing to self nurture? Are you willing to activate and track your own cyclical nature to live in harmony with yourself and the rest of life? 

That’s where we’re going today. I will be sharing specific tools that I like to use while I’m bleeding as well as a little bit of information about our cycle and what happens there. Thank you for reading. 

Welcome to my blog, my name is Taraney Nicole. I love and honor and respect each and every one of you. I’m here for the liberation of this sacred feminine, and to restore the female bodies as living temples to cultivate heaven on earth. That is what I am passionate about. That is my life’s work. And of course, menstruation is a huge, gigantic piece of that. 

I want to begin with sharing specific tools that I like to use while I am menstruating and I’m going to do this from my perspective and my practice. I want you to take what serves you and leave the rest because you are your own best source of self-care and information. So it’s up to us to intuitively tune into ourselves and ask: “Is this for me?” “Is this not for me?” How do I want to care and nurture myself?” Really taking that ownership of your life and giving yourself permission to access what is good for you. So this is simply what’s good for me. 

My Story + Tools:
I actually started bleeding at eight years old. So I’m doing this for a while now, and I’m sure many of you have been but that was pretty young. For a long time I just use tampons. I think it was in 2016 where I just became more aware of my own self and like what was good for me, what was bad for me, and really started living in a space that was more in alignment with my life. 

I found that using tampons was actually making my menstruation worse. By using tampons it was causing me to cramp more, and it was elongating my cycles. I wasn’t using good quality tampons so there was toxicity leaking into the neural fascial walls of my vagina. It just wasn’t good. I had like this epiphany of like, “oh my god, what have I been doing? What are we doing to women on earth? This is horrible.” So I cut out tampons from my menstruating practice. That was a huge practice of reclaiming my sovereignty with my bleeding body, and really caring for her. Not just shoving it in there because it’s convenient, but actually listening to what does my womb need. For some women organic cotton tampons work for them, it just hurts me, it doesn’t feel good for me. My womb actually tries to push it out. That welcomed me to look at more holistic ways of bleeding that actually nourish my body.

I then transitioned to pads and learned about all the chemicals that are placed on pads. The scents and all these things. That didn’t feel good, either. So I started going down this rabbit hole of how the hell as a modern woman can I care for my bleeding body? How can I do it in a way that is nourishing and in integrity with the holy grail of our bodies, our womb? I actually then found menstrual cups. Menstrual cups are nice and I can use them every now and then.

When we think about the energetics of our bleed; our womb is releasing, she’s shedding, and she wants all of that no longer serves her and all the blood to come out. So when we use a tampon, it’s corking it. Literally corking it and from a vibrational perspective. It’s not allowing it to flow, it’s stopping it. That is another reason why using tampons is not in synergy with the wellness of our womb space, because it corks the energy. Which then stops not only the flow of blood but the flow of energy that we are releasing. 

Menstrual Cups:
Transitioning into menstrual cups felt better for me from that perspective as rather than it’s like corking it, it’s actually holding it. Then I could savor that blood to use it for my plants, to use it for my acne, to use it for whatever I want to use it for. Because our blood is not anything dirty. As much as the mainstream media wants us to think, it’s actually the most nutrient-rich nourishment on the planet for the Earth. All the nitrogen, all the really, really powerful nutrients that are in our blood, because it’s coming from our womb, which has to be the most nutrient-rich place in the human body because it’s what births the rest of our lineage. We can use that blood to give it to the Earth to make offerings. It’s especially good for pimples; I healed my acne with it. So I can catch it, and I can use it, which felt good. But then also, my temple doesn’t like to have anything inside of her while she’s bleeding. She just wants to release. Therefore I will use my menstrual cups, say for instance, if I go into the springs, and I’m bleeding. Or if I’m going out into public, and that feels good, I’ll use my menstrual cup. Another thing that has been really, really, really amazing and probably the best thing that I’ve used for my bleeding time so far is a sea sponge. 

Sea Sponge:
These are special sponges that these two women out of Florida go and harvest from the ocean floor. If you’re not aware of sea sponges, and pretty much all plants, is that as you prune them. That is how they regenerate. That’s how they grow and that’s how they stay healthy. In ancient times, women would use sea sponges to support their menstruation. These are really, really comfortable. 

The women they go in, they harvest them, and then they treat them. They make sure that there is no bacteria and they’re super clean. Then to use it you make it a little bit wet, you dampen it, and then you bring it inside and it feels like nothing is inside of you and actually holds a similar texture as the vaginal wall so it’s very comfortable. This is something I’ll use if I’m going out and just kind of want to have a little bit more comfort compared to a menstrual cup. I still haven’t found a menstrual cup that really feels comfortable for me. I know there are tons out there and I’m currently weeding through that process but this is amazing.
It is amazing. It feels in harmony with the Earth, feels in harmony with my body, and I recommend all women get it if you can.

Menstrual Panties:
The next thing that I use if I’m not going out and I’m just chilling at home or just casually going out, is menstrual panties. I really love menstrual underwear because it’s comfortable. It feels in alignment with just fully letting it all flow, and I really don’t like getting my nice underwear dirty. Using menstrual panties is amazing. I started out by using a really cheap brand to see how I liked it. loved them. and invested in more. Right now, my favorite ones are these made from bamboo. They are plant-dyed and the brand it’s a small business. I found her on Instagram. The brand is called Cozy and Spice 100% cozy, so nice. So lovely. Highly recommend supporting them, they’re out of Hawaii. Find Cozy and Spice on Instagram here: Also She Thinks is an amazing brand. There are so many great ones out there. I highly recommend investing in them. 

Now I have had a woman reach out to me saying that free bleeding was, I don’t know exactly what she said, but she said something like free bleeding is contradictory or whatever towards our modern world. And I think that is BS. I think that is limiting because we have amazing tools, like period panties, that can support us and keep us feeling clean and concealed as we’re bleeding in the modern world. When we have something inside of us, even a menstrual cup, naturally our womb and our cervix wants to contract. While it is contracting anyway to pass the blood, it’s contracting more to try to get it all out because it doesn’t want it in our body. So free bleeding is the most harmonious way to get it out of your body.

Honeypot Pads:
I also just found a brand of pads that is amazing. I use these most of my time during this last bleed that I just had because it felt so good. They are the brand called Honeypot. They’re 100% organic cotton pads that have lavender and mint essential oils in them. So that as the pad is pressed upon the Yoni it’s cooling and it’s soothing. Which just felt so good and they’re comfortable. If you’re going to use a pad I highly recommend them. You can find them here:

The biggest thing that I want people to take into consideration with their menstrual bodies is the amount of waste that we create from menstruation. If we’re just using pads and tampons it’s creating a lot of waste on the Earth and pollution for the Earth. But it’s also creating a lot of waste of our own money in our own resources. By using a sea sponge, or using a menstrual cup, or period panties, they’re things that you can reuse time and time again that is in more harmony with your bleeding body and more harmony with the Earth and your pocketbook. So highly recommend those tools. They’re amazing. Now I want to get into how to care for our menstruating bodies from the perspective of the pain. 

Tools for the pain:
We all go through this. It is inevitable for us to feel some sort of pain as we are menstruating because our cervix is dilating to pass the tissue in the blood from the womb. The endometrial lining is shedding, and then all of that has to pass the cervix, and the cervix is a very very tight hole and she has to open to let the blood through. This is naturally going to cause cramps. I’ll get more into PMS and how to prevent hard periods later in this post, but right now I want to talk about tools that can help you immediately while you are cramping. 

The Breath:
The best one is your breath, your own body. I noticed that when I’m contracting my breath and I’m having a tight higher chest breath that my cramps are worse. So if you just take a deep breath. Breathe into the womb, support her, increase the flow of energy into that part of your body, your cramps will subside. If it’s really dense and heavy, womb warmers are amazing for bleeding bodies. 

Womb Warmers:
I even use womb warmers when I’m not bleeding and I just want to feel cozy in my womb. You can buy them all over. They’re similar to like the eye masks that people use for like meditation and stuff. The one I have is really nice, it has little beans, and it has like lavender and cinnamon inside of it so it smells good. You just put it in the microwave and you rest it right on the womb. You want to place it right at the actual organ of the womb and the cervix. Really bring it right there on the pubic bone, right there above the pubic bone, and hopefully resting right down the clitoris too. Warming that whole spot is going to warm the whole inside of the Yoni in the womb space to relieve the cramps. That feels amazing, it feels nourishing, it feels grounding. You can also do this just with a warm rag. Anything that is warm is going to bring a really nice fluid ease into that space. 

Oils & Movement:

You can also use peppermint oils, rosemary essential oil, or lavender oil. These oils will subside the pain especially if you’re having pain in the hips and lower back. I find that the sacrum for me is really important to tend to as I’m bleeding. So putting some rosemary oil down there, and kind of like tapping and really releasing some of the energy down there. There’s also a practice where you can lay like this on the ground, and then basically shift your body up and down, pushing from your feet up and down. This really helps the flow and the pain of the womb also if you tap the sacrum on the ground. So for our movement practice, that’s something that feels really, really nice for the bleeding body. Our wombs while we’re bleeding are actually four ounces heavier because of all the blood and the tissue that’s being released. Doing that specific movement practice of shifting the sacrum on the ground feels really good to just move some of that density in the womb space and then sit straight up so that it can flow out. That feels really, really good.

The Healy:
Another thing that has completely changed my life in so many different ways, even outside of menstruation, is my microcurrent frequency device, the Healy. They have a program for menstruation and for pain that you can use that will run a microcurrent frequency to the womb space, to the menstruation, and all the hormones, and the nerves in the body. Bringing more ease and pain relief. It is amazing. This is phenomenal while I’m bleeding and in all the different areas of my life. If you’re interested in learning more about microcurrent frequencies message me on Instagram because these are just amazing. Completely life-changing from my own consciousness and perspective to my physical health to my channel to everything like this is revolutionary. I love using it. They have sticky pads that you can put right on the womb for localized pain. You can also run it into the arms and go to the whole body. This is amazing. 

It’s inevitable to feel some pain while you’re bleeding but there are ways to subside the pain. I will tell you that if you nourish your body throughout your whole cycle (during the follicular, ovulation, luteal, and menstruation), not just when you’re about to bleed, you will be solidified in a clear womb space. 

This allows your womb to be nothingness. It allows your womb to be in harmony. When your womb is in harmony she doesn’t have as much to shed. You know, of course, physically she has shed, but energetically, vibrationally, emotionally, she has less density to shed. Living in harmony with your cyclical nature is going to subside some of the mental, emotional, and physical density that you’re processing while you’re bleeding. 

Honor your cyclical nature:
You can do seed cycling, you know, living in harmony with the cyclical cycles. Like during your follicular phase, allowing yourself to work out, allowing yourself to feel active, and allowing yourself to do all the things. When you’re ovulating feel abundant, feel fertile, feel rich, release, and hold that confidence. When you’re in your luteal phase, reflect, rest, nourish yourself. When you’re bleeding, ground down, slow down, honor yourself, and you will witness every single cycle that you have will lower in its pain. Will lower in its process, and will become something that feels really nourishing and rich. 

I went from having an eight-day cycle or period, bleed, moon, whatever you want to call it. Eight days of heavy bleeding. Once I started living in honor of my cyclical nature, quit using tampons, immediately next cycle went to three days. Three days! Went from eight days to three. Just from nourishing myself and living in harmony with my body and cutting out toxic products that actually make you bleed more. Nowadays, my bleed is still within that three to four-day range. I usually just have one day where I’m feeling a few cramps as my body’s processing the bulk of tissue and blood from my womb space. It’s really nice, it’s really easy, and it’s really graceful. And it’s because I honor myself. 

As I was tuning into this conversation there were many, many questions around PMS. From a womb priestess perspective, and a very logical hormonal perspective, PMS comes during the luteal phase. This phase is really two weeks but that week before you start bleeding is going to be where there’s the most density, the most things coming up. When you enter that phase of pre-menstruation, and the luteal, that is your cue from your body to slow down and reflect. Reflect upon the past cycle; all that you’ve received, all that you’ve given, all that serves you; all that didn’t serve you. Start setting an intention for what you want to release. PMS gets worse and worse and worse, the more that we neglect ourselves. To say that again.

Again, PMS gets worse and worse and worse the more that we neglect ourselves. 

As we self nourish, as we self regulate, as we slow down, then she is able to release those premenstrual symptoms in their density because she is heard. Your body is not here to torture you. Your body is here to guide you. It is in her highest service to guide you into your unified consciousness of self-honor, self-respect, and self-nourishment. When this PMS comes up and you’re feeling irritable, you’re feeling bloated, you’re feeling outside of your natural harmony, slow down and get tuned in with her. What’s been happening in the past month? What’s going on? Have I nourished myself today? Do I need a drink some tea? Do I need to meditate? Do I need to go on a walk? Do I need to use my Healy (in my case and whoever else has them)? Do I need to bring some coziness to my womb? Do I need to activate some sound healing for my womb? Do I need to take a bath? How can you slow down to nourish her to relieve PMS? And sisters this is hormones. So if you’re experiencing really bad PMS, if you’re experiencing dread, self-hatred, and then extreme cases suicidal thoughts and depression in the luteal phase, figure out what is happening in your hormones so that you can self-regulate. Go and get a test. Get a hormonal test and see what’s in balance what’s out of balance. Go and look up herbs that can support the specific hormones that are present during that time when your consciousness starts to go dark. For example Evening Primrose, Red Raspberry, Damiana, Jasmine, Rosemary, Cedar. There are so many herbs here that are here to support us. You don’t have to subside to medications and things that aren’t of this natural world. It defeats the purpose. She just wants you to listen. She just wants you to slow down. I think that the deep medicine here is it forces us to get out of our own self-sabotage. PMS, premenstrual symptoms, is just a cue from your body to self-nourish. If it feels really hard find a way to support yourself. Reach out to me, reach out to other women in the community who are knowledgeable in hormones and menstruation. Go to a doctor and figure out what hormones are out of balance and then use herbs, use the Earth, use minerals to bring it into harmony.

The Divine Mother, the Holy Mother, the Sophia consciousness wants us all to know that this is a holy time. When we are bleeding, it is a time for us to remember our humanity. To remember the gift of our bodies. To remember this world and the matter of this world, and that we are of it. It is a gift for us to shed all that no longer serves us, and it is a gift for us to become one with the Earth. This is a holy time. There is a prophecy that she’s reminding me of that the world’s wars will end when women come and bleed to the earth. When we no longer waste our bounty, our beauty, of our nutrient-rich blood. We no longer waste it when we give it back to the Earth. That is when we will revive into our holy consciousness. When all suffering and war will subside. So this is your holy time. The more you tune into the medicine and the magic of your menstruation, the more you care for your bleeding body, the more the collective consciousness can create a web of self-love, self-honoring, self cherish, and truly nurturing the sacred femininity.

My love, if your life is constructed in a way that you cannot care for your bleeding body, you need to redesign your life. It is possible. Sometimes that doesn’t even mean adding or subtracting anything. Sometimes it’s just a consciousness perspective shift for you to live in honor with your body. 
The only person that can do that is you. No matter what we have going on. Whether we have children, whether we have lovers, whether we have jobs, we have to take ownership of our lives to nourish her, to care for our bleeding bodies. No matter what else is going on in the world. 

Full permission to cancel plans, full permission to speak your truth. To tell your boss, your partner, or your children: Mama needs to chill. Mama needs to self-nourish. The more that women on Earth activate that, speak our truth, and take a stand for our nourishment, the more that our collective consciousness will resonate at that higher Sacred Feminine frequency because we take ownership of our lives. Okay Beloved’s, this transmission is feeling complete now after that. Wow. 

Please if any questions came up for you. I am here to serve!
Love you guys. If you wish to receive more personal guidance, reach out to me on Instagram and we can connect.

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