Cleansing crystals

There are so many different gems in this world. Carrying healing energy that will charge and activate various parts of our body, mind, and spirit. These precious, sacred tools are sensitive, and that being said they need to be cleansed with some extra tlc.

Why is cleansing crystals important

Crystals carry a world of energy, constantly giving and receiving. Throughout our daily lives we experience thousands of different people and situations, all making us feel different ways. When we carry our crystals with us, they will absorb these energies. This can make crystal dense, and diluted from their original energy or purpose, and we do not want that! Below, I am going to tell you my favorite ways to cleanse, charge, and program my crystals.

How often do you need to cleanse crystals?


This is something that will really depend on how often you use your crystals. It is always good to trust your intuition with this. If you use the crystal often, it should be cleansed about once a month, but if you rarely use it, once a year or every few months is perfect. It all depends on how you feel when you connect with them. If you feel that their energy has changed, it is time. Listen, and you will know.

It is important to know that some crystals are sensitive to heat, light, and water. Before cleansing your crystals, it is important to know if it is suitable for water cleansing or solar charging, ect. Here are a few gems that I know are sensitive. Angelite, Celesite, Calcite, Mica, Opal, Lepidolite, unpolished Malachite, and Turquois. Some crystals even dissolve in water like Selenite, and Hematite. Really any crystals that are soft and flakey can be damaged by water.

How to cleanse crystals?

 The most popular method is moon cleansing. Everyone new moon, or full moon lay your crystals out on a blanket or in the grass to have them charge under the moon all night. You want to get them out once the sun goes down, and bring them back inside before the sun comes up, but rest assured if you hit snooze a few too many time, your crystals will still be cleansed and alive! You can also balance them with a full moon and sun charge by having them outside for a full 24 hours.

Cleansing crystals in water is my favorite way to wash away any negative energy. There are two methods I use for this. The method I use the most is charging them in still water. I begin by getting a big bowl and filling it with pure water or a pink sea salt water solution. I then place all my non-saleable crystals in the water and leave them outside my house for a few hours or a full day. The other quick method you can do is simply turning on your sink water and allowing the water to run over the crystals. Imagine a waterfall flowing over the stones and washing away any impurities.

Earth Burial is another powerful way to charge and cleanse your crystals. All you need to do it dig a hole in the ground and place your crystals in that hole. Be sure to mark the spot so that you can dig them up later! All stones come from the Earth, and when you charge your crystals by burying them, you are reconnecting that energy. The earth has a natural magnetic pull which will pull away any negative energy. You want to leave your crystal at least for 24 hours, but I have done mine for as long as three months.

Smudging is a perfect way to rid any negative energy that your crystals may have picked up. You can do this with palo santo or sage. Burning the edge of whatever smudge you choose, and allow the smoke to flow up and around the crystal. You will know it is cleansed when the smoke is going straight up and seems more calm.

Programming crystals

Crystals can and should be programed. You want to do this so that you can have a clean intention of why you are using this crystal. It builds a connection and purpose between you and your stone.

Before the programing you can to be sure to cleanse yourself and the room by using a smudge stick or through prayer.

To open up the ritual sit quietly, making the space sacred, so that you are free from any distractions. Hold the crystal out in front of you, and focus on it. Notice the different colors, textures, and shapes. Cleanse the crystal using one of the above methods so that it can return to its purest and raw form. Once the crystal is cleansed, concentrate on the specific energy that you want to program the crystal with. Think of this as a transmition, by holding it and thinking what it is you want to bring out from the crystal, it will absorb that. Visualize a stream of energy coming from you and into the stone.  Do not try to confuse the stone or overload it with though, be precise and simple. Stay here with the crystal, feeling it and connecting with it until you feel that the transmition is done.

Connecting with your crystal in this way will kindle a new wave of energy in your life. Working with them, and showing them you care is the key to establishing a real relationship with these magical rocks. I hope this post has helped you out! If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to me. Blessings Earthlings!

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