“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” ~Buddha

Are you ready to take power of your life?

Affirmations are the most powerful way that we can take charge of our lives. Rewiring our mind is actually a fairly easy and supported process! In this blog, I show you how you can empower your life just by adding a few key words into your inner dialog! Kick back, relax, and take notes!

What is An Affirmation?

If you’ve been following me for while, you may know that I am big on saying what we want, so that it can become our reality. Many people spend day after day with limiting thoughts running throughout their mind; if only they knew that is the source of their lack. 

Affirmations are the conscious act of thinking / speaking what you desire into the present tense! Instead of focusing on what you dont have, you focus on what you want, and what is actually go right in your life. Just a few minutes of doing affirmation work a day can transform your life dramatically. 

Our thoughts program our reality 

The idea of using our words to program our reality is nothing new, in fact it is an extremely known LOA method! By nature humans are intuitive and powerful souls. We have created civilizations, technology, and a million other things -why cant we create our own lives to be exactly how we see fit? Well… the key is we have to first believe we are worthy of it. Affirmations help rewire our brain to be confident, and content. They change the was out minds think, and actually hold space for us to be the masters of our reality. This in turn reminds us that we are powerful and worthy of what we desire. 

How to Begin

First things first, all affirmations must be wrote and spoke in the present tense. The key is to word it as if you already have it in your life. You’ll need a journal, pen, and special item to try and create a sacred space for yourself. Maybe light some candles and gather your crystal friends -anything you can do to make this moment more magical. Also, the more power you put into it, the more you will get out, so make it sacred! 

  1. Sit down and hold space for yourself to dig deep and find out what no longer serves you in your life. Be honest, and allow yourself to analyze your life without judgment, but rather come from a space of love and genuine care. Pay attention to where these feelings reside, if you hurt in a specific place, write that down next to the negative aspect you want to release! Remember that this is an internal step and should only focus on what you can change, fore you are your own master.  
  2. Write down 20 powerful affirmations. Take that list of all the things you no longer want in your life, and rewrite them in a way that makes you feel free and empowered. Twenty affirmations is a good starting place, but feel free to take it as deep as you want. Make sure that they are written in the present tense, and are truly what you desire. There are no limits here, be specific, and bold! 
  3. Say every affirmation out-loud with confidence! Will it into your reality! You have the power to attract this into your life – it is your divine birth right. Trust that! Say each word from the space of knowing that you will be successful. Maybe record it so you can listen back to it later. Placing your hands over a certain part of your body that correlates with the energy you are willing into your reality is a powerful way to amp up the energy! Be serious, be bold, and trust the process. 

Examples of Powerful Affirmations

I deeply love and accept myself. 

Many of us struggle with confidence and feeling as if we are enough. Using an affirmation life this can help retrain our minds into believing that we are worthy of our own love an acceptance. This affirmation will increate your confidence and ease into your life. 

The Universe gives me success because I deserve it. 

We have all been there.. Success has become a reality that most people fear lack of. We often feel as if success is beyond our reach, or that we simply down deserve it. This affirmation will completely uproot all limiting beliefs around success and will transform them into knowing that you are worthy of success. Repetitively saying this affirmation for a few weeks will radically transform your life! 

I am able to handle all my tasks with ease and grace.

We’re all human, and for most of us that can be very overwhelming. This affirmation helps us take on all that we do with grace and ease, so that we can react and flow better with all that we do. When we start doing everything (no matter the situation) from a place of love, that is when it becomes graceful. This affirmation will help you soften that space of your life. 

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