Cleansing Karma is Big Energy

Karmic cycles can also be expressed as trauma responses.

Consciously choosing to end karmic cycles is clearing trauma, & in that essence you are freeing your energy!

As you answer the calling, I invite you to tune into clearing all that is blocking your Temple Body from expanding into new levels of empowered freedom.

Trauma responses + karmic cycles can look like ::

  • Thinking something is too good to be true.
  • Believing that you have to loose something in order to gain more.
  • Feeling guilty for your self-pleasure first.
  • Saying yes when you really mean no.

Every-time you give into a trauma response, you are enabling yourself to stay in a fearful cycle that limits you from bliss.

When we work together 1:1 & in group experiences, this is our starting point.

In order to expand, we must set ourselves free.

If this love note is speaking straight to you, Queen..

Here is where you can begin now:

Start by identifying your trauma responses & karmic cycles.

Trust yourself that you know exactly what loops are keeping you small.

Then, write about what is on the other side of your trauma responses.

If you feel that good moments are too good to be true, journal about what true good feels/looks like for you!

Once you identify these two polarities, devote time to to my free Embodiment Codes practice found here:

In this guided journey you can dance between these polarities & clear their resistance.

When we dance we can clear trauma.

Set the intention & allow the healing to move through you.

Somatically, you will shed these cycles & step back into our true energy.

Embodiment Codes is a ritual practice that I offer to you as a free resource.

Click here to receive my free course, Embodiment Codes

Big Love to you,


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