Heartbreak; an experience that many of us have come to know ever well.

Shattering memories for what once was, and the ache for what could be.

When heartbreak comes, I promise, it is an initiation from the Goddess.

Heartbreak is an essence of Becoming. Lovers, money, sisterhood, all relationships – including the one to yourself ~ they are all susceptible to heartbreak. As tender as this is, I am here to remind you that healing heartbreak requires honoring yourself.

Every time we are meet with the thorn of heartbreak, the veil of who we thought we were lifts. This is the initiation.

Personally, I think it is wild how much we sacrifice in order to avoid heartbreak.
If this is you darling, it is time to come home to yourself.

It is supposed to hurt.
It is supposed to make you feel new depths.

& when the Goddess of heartbreak arrives at your feet, she speaks to the testimony of how holy your heart is. The journey she takes you on is one of remembrance.

Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually ~ when heartbreak is present… it impacts our life on every single level. Although it hurts, I promise you that it is an initiation to come even more home to your holy heart.

“Know thy heart” she speaks.

So yes, allow your heart to break darling. It is the greatest healing you can offer your life. Allow it to crack you open. Welcome it to cleanse you so deeply that you remember your power again. Honor her as the teacher that she is; fore it is the Goddess of heartbreak that lifted the veil of who you thought you were, and who instead showed you the truth of who you have always been. She offers you courage to show you the truth of who you truly are.

Heartbreak is medicine, and her antidote to move beyond the pain is presence.

Sweet one, next time she arrives, I encourage you to remember that this is the offering she speaks, and if you are hurting now, I ask you, how can you come more home to wholeness in this present moment?

It is time to come home to yourself.

xxxx, Taraney Nicole

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