As you carry life inside your sacred womb for 10 months, it’s important to prioritize your mental and emotional health. There will be times you may find yourself overwhelmed, anxious, second guessing everything you’re doing, and feeling intense shame. 

There will also be times of joy when you’re feeling how blessed you are to be growing a tiny human – seeing your sweet baby bump grow, and feeling those first kicks. It’s a massive emotional rollercoaster you’re now thrust into, and navigating it all takes its toll.


So today, I wanted to send my love to the expectant mamas out there, because stepping into motherhood is deep shadow work. Though you won’t feel your best during all stages of pregnancy, there are key steps you can take to set yourself up for mental wellness.


As a birth doula who fiercely serves the highest empowerment + embodiment for all women on Earth, I don’t want you to miss out on enjoying this sacred journey into divine motherhood. 


Being pregnant is a one-of-a-kind experience. Trying to cope with minimal support is not going to be enough.


Having a doula with you through pregnancy and birth will support you in ways that no one else can, by diving into the depths of your own healing.


Here are some tips to manage your wellbeing during the prenatal period:


  • Share your feelings with your birth team, doula, other mamas – release pent up emotions 
  • Take a prenatal vitamin daily & incorporate nourishing meals
  • Get lots of sleep & rest, babes – you will feel fatigue especially during the 1st + 3rd trimesters. Learn more about the value of rest on my blog post here
  • Allow your body to guide you – let in the flow of the feminine and surrender to the medicine of your own body
  • Ask for help & practice boundaries
  • Filter out negative or triggering content on TV & social media – protect your peace
  • Connect your mind, body, soul & spirit with pelvic therapy, yoga, breathing exercises + meditations 
  • Consider therapy
  • Ditch the “anti-fatness” in your head and give yourself love & patience – you are strong, healthy and growing a beautiful little human inside you
  • Treat yourself mama – allow yourself to be treated like the queen you are
  • Embrace all of the feelings you’re having – no shame for not being joyous all the time
  • Know that your life & who you are will forever be different – embrace the change
  • You can get through this, loves!
If you have not already, I suggest starting on your birth plan sooner rather than later. Learn more about creating your birth plan by reading my blog post 11 Birth Plan Tips for New Mothers. If you have any questions please email me at

I would be honored to be by your side as you journey through the sacred birth ceremony. Learn more about my sacred birth work here:


Big Love To You Mama,

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