The universe truly has our back with this potent New Moon! From August 29th – 31st the sky will be filled with darkness as this powerful New Moon is present. Virgo is the sign governing this door way to new beginnings, and is bringing us some much needed energy.

This New Moon offers us grounding energy, and will reveal to us a new path way of being healthier, more stable, and clear versions of ourself. This New Moon is asking us to communicate clearly and to hold space for intentions that will bring us massive change. This astrological phase is a gift from the universe during times when we need help reprioritizing and discovering our purpose. The energy we cast out during this New Moon will set the bar of magic we experience over the next six months, and has the potential to offer us a HUGE clearing on our mind, body, and spirit.

Virgo is an Earth sign which is connected to grounding energy and the physical world. Having a New Moon in this sign offers us the sensual energy we need to feel ready for a massive shift in our physical life. It will bring us the clarity we need to clean up our life in order to receive more abundance. This sign is going to make us question or worth and where we are making a mess of our thoughts, time, and energy. Now that Summer is coming to an end, this is a really important time to refocus and shift our energy toward aspects of life that keep us grounded and present. Having both the Sun and Moon in Virgo will allow us to find balance and detox that which must go!

This New Moon will get you questioning how you can be of better service to the world. In which ways could you care better for humanity? How can you show up and be a better human? After-all, change begins with us, and based of the current social, environmental, and economical climate of our world, now is a good time to look authentically within and take accountability as to where we can make Earth a better place. Although this is much needed, be careful of not becoming too hard on yourself. The sign of Virgo, when out of balance can be very critical and overthink too many details. Stay in tune with your heart, and everything else will flow naturally.

Rise Rooted

As always during high vibe times, and especially under this sign, conflicts will be present. Mars and Mercury can easily become heater and critical, so be careful what you say and when you say it. Even though this is a time of bringing life into alignment, do your best to not expect perfection, especially from others. Allow people to do their thing! By doing so it’ll make it a lot easier for you to do your work in harmony. Choose your words wisely as they have the potential to create the environment you live from for the next several months. Be gentle, loving, and nurturing, without casting judgement over others. Going out of your way to commit random acts of kindness will go extra far under this New Moon! Make it your intention to show up with love, understanding, and gratitude for everyone.

This New Moon is asking us to think big! Tune into the bigger picture of your life! Now is a lovely time to manifest new work, new friends, new lovers, new boundaries, new areas of healing, and even a new health routine. The stars are in your favor -all you have to do is tune in!

Things to do on a Virgo Moon

  • Commit to a fitness or health routine
  • Rest and restore yourself
  • Get an energy clearing
  • Tidy up your home and work space
  • Volunteer
  • Eat clean healthy meals
  • Nourish your mind, body, and spirit
  • Manifest new goals
  • Let go of old beliefs or habits

Journal Questions

  1. Do you feel a special connection to natural and  the elements? Write about your relationship with the world and experiences as a child in nature.
  2. Does your current work allow you to offer your true gifts? If not, brainstorm more fulfilling ways to make a living, or how you can weave your gifts into your current work.
  3. Are you too critical sometimes? How might you express your concern, suggestions, or annoyance more gently with yourself and others?

It is my greatest honor and pleasure to bring you this phases New Moon forecast! I invite you to step bravely into the potent magic of this astrological time, and allow yourself to open up to the current waves of change flowing through your life. Virgo season is an empowering time to rediscover yourself and do some serious healing. The more you show up, the more the universe sees you are committed and ready for bigger more abundant opportunities!

Now is your time!

With love,

Taraney Nicole

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