We’re all born abundant

Thats right, its your inherent right to live life abundantly. Many people scramble the world living in a state of lack, little do they know… their abundance is just around the corner. Open your eyes and see the world of manifesting your reality. 

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is the act of aligning your reality with you desires. Through the practice of mindful thinking you can have a limitless possibility of bringing in success. Manifestation begins with the mind. Using your thoughts to upgrade your life.

You can manifest wealth, health, relationships, and event prosperity. 

That being said you can also manifest illness, lack, and even mental illness. 

It all begins within the mind / What you think you attract. 

Using the Law Of Attraction to manifest the life of your dreams!

The Law of Attraction is a simple, yet powerful way to attract your abundance now. It all revolves around understanding that your attitude and actions bring in the life you live. Whatever you think, speak, and act upon is what you will get. The Law Of Attraction is built on three principles that will manifest your abundance instantly.  

  1. Believe Anything Is Possible 
    The number one key insight about LOA is that it only works if you believe in it. Like that old staying, “I’ll see it when I believe it.” You must whole heartedly believe that anything is possible. Start envisioning the life you really want, and believe in yourself. It all starts inside of you. 
  2. Believe You Are Worthy Of Success 
    For many of us, this is a big one to overcome. If you were born into poverty or even the middle class it is all to easy to be conditioned to think that wealth is out of your hand. When manifesting it is KEY to reprogram this belief. You must believe that you are worthy of success -whatever that is to you. You can gather all the tools, but if you dont believe in yourself.. nothing will change. 
  3. Believe That What You Need Is Coming 
    A big mistake people often make when manifesting is becoming impatient… We must stay patient and open to however the universe wants to deliver our abundance. Sometimes what we want isn’t always what we need. The universe will always give us what works best for our purpose. Letting go of the outcome and trusting the process will radically change the success you receive. 

Praise Goes up, Blessings Come Down 

There is something so divine in gratitude. Staying thankful for everything in our life radically shifts our abundance! If you are constantly thinking about the lack in your life.. well that is what you are going to receive. If you focus on all the blessings in your life, the universe is going to give you more to be grateful for. Its simple! 

Every morning before I make my todo list, I write down what I am grateful for! When I do this I actually sit down and sincerely feel this gratitude as I write it. Whole heartedly counting my blessings. Throughout the day as I cross off tasks from my todo list, I read over what I am grateful for. 

Keeping this at the forefront of my made changed my outlook on abundance.  

I invite you to start a daily gratitude practice! This can be in anything, even just going over 3 things your grateful for while showering or drinking your morning coffee. Its so easy and extremely impactful. 

Seeing Money, Brings Money 

This manifestation technique has brought me thousands of dollars instantly!  

What I am about to share with you is pure gold, so listen close. This manifestation ritual is easy and will bring you money effortlessly. All you need to do is withdraw money from you bank account, and put it up around your house. You can invest however much money you want. I started out with $20 and once I saw how fast it worked, I instantly went to the ATM and withdrew 200$ to bring in more cash! 

Key places to put money is your bathroom, kitchen, alter, bedside table, and even your car. 

Seeing money in random places actually reconstructs your subconscious mind to see money in a more abundant light. This ritual keeps you focused on bringing in abundance! So easy and powerful! 

I hope this blog post has prepared you to go out there and reel in that CASH MONEY. You deserve it! Stop waiting for it to come around and put your success in your own hands. 

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Love & Light, 

Earthney <3

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