Roses are the queen of all the flowers.

When I began to dive into the magic of flowers, I was not surprised to find that Roses are the highest vibrational flower. People use it in essential oils, smudge sticks, and my favorite, rose wands.

As we learn to raise our vibration and shift our lifestyle to one of total wellness, it is inevitable that we stumble upon the great transformative power of plants. Earth has always provided for us, and she always will.

Raising Your Vibration With Roses

The Rose is a symbol of Divine Love. They serve as a reminder that no matter what, we are loved, accepted, and honored. Elegant in their nature they also serve as reminder of how royal we are, which brings abundance! When working on self love and healing, roses are extremely helpful.

I recently started experimenting with Rose Wands. The shift has been quite dramatic. The vibration of rose cuts through air and infuses my electromagnetic field with delicious, magical energy!

Rose Wands infuse your aura with pure love and abundance. They are an earth tool that uses source energy to coat you in a force field of light. How magical is that?! They are a really simple to make and overtime they become more and more powerful!

How to Make a Rose Wand

What you will need: 1 rose, scissors, and optional ribbon.

Before you start making your rose wand, be sure to center yourself. Maybe light some candles and tune into yourself. This will help with increasing the energy connection between you and the rose.

  1. Pick your rose. Roses come in many colors, and this is very significant when choosing which rose to go with. You want to pick a color that correlates with what you are wanting to manifest. (Look at the chart below to learn about the different colors of roses.)
  2. Trim your rose. Take you scissors and trim all the thorns, and cut your rose at about an arms length. You will need to cut it at an angle under running water.
  3. Connect with your rose. Begin by placing the slanted edge against the center of your dominant hand. Imagine healing life force energy going from your hand, and into the rose, and then back down into your hand. Then once the connection is strong, begin to pull the energy out of your rose by making a suction cup with your hand.
  4. Infuse your wand with source energy. Once the energy is flowing smoothly, bring the bottom of your rose stem to the top of your head, and imagine it connecting to the source energy in our sky. Sit here and allow it to flow into your entire chakra system.
  5. Rose Wand cleansing. Now that you have completely turned on your rose wand, you can begin to use it like a flash light. Run it along your whole body to infuse yourself with loving abundant energy. While you are doing this, I invite you to imagine something specific you want to manifest.
  6. Use your Rose Wand everyday! Repeat steps 3-5 everyday. You can do it right in the morning or before bed. I personally like to use mine multiple times a day! Keep track of the changes you experience because I promise you, some real magic will begin to happen once you incorporate this into your everyday.
If you are a visual learner like me, here is a very good video by the lovely Charis Melina Brown. She is such a powerful teacher and I invite you to watch more of her videos!

Significance of Colors When Making Rose Wands
Red: Romance is vibration of red roses. Use this colored rose to manifest more romance and deep sensuality in your life.
Pink: Gratitude, joy, and pure love are associated with pink. Use this colored rose to manifest more child-like wonder into your life.
Yellow: Happiness, friendship, and health are the attributes that yellow roses bring. Use them to bring more happiness into your life.
White: Purity; if you want to deeply cleanse and purify your life, this color rose is perfect. They serve as a reset button and will shift your life quick!
LavenderEnchantment and Majesty are the frequency of lavender roses! Purely magical, they will certainly manifest your fairy tale. Use them to lighten up you frequency to match the fairy realm.
Orange: Desire and Passion are the main attractions with orange roses. Use them when you want to manifest something quick, and when you need some more deliciousness in your life!
Each color carries it own frequency within the rose, so be sure to choose one that aligns with your Rose Wand purpose.
May this blog post assist you greatly with your manifestations! I personally love Rose Wands and they have made a significant shift in my life. Since I began using them, I have noticed great mental clarity, as well as clarity over my wellbeing and life. No harm can be done, so go ahead try it out! Healing in this way is our birth right! Let me know how they work for you!
Love and Light,

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