She who bleeds but does not die.

This is a pivotal sign that all women harness the divine in our wombs.

The heart of the universe lies in the womb of her body.

Her belly is the holy grail of creation.

As we look around us, we are witnessing more & more women being called to heal their wombs.

This is because the collective feminine consciousness is ready to rise to new heights.

The clearer our wombs are, the clearer our connection to the creator is.

Menstrual magic
Yoni Work
Temple Sessions
Boundary honoring
Priestess Embodiment

Are different pathways that we can harmonize with the holiness of our wombs & deepen our devotion to the divine.

Sister, you are source embodied.

I want you to feel that.

You have a physical organ that bleeds regularly, yet you stay alive.

That is magic

The more you honor this truth, the more the divine feminine can live through you!!!

I am grateful to be a leader of womb wisdom on Earth.

We are ready for a radical, feminine revolution

To me, being a Womb Priestess is the embodiment of leading from my womb.

All that I do – how I breathe, how I live all is in honor of my womb.

She is an Oracle for a sacred life.

When we have disharmonies or dis-ease in the Yoni / womb, this speaks directly to disharmony in our life as a whole.

She knows.

She is ready for you to nourish her, so that she can nourish you

With honor,


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