In my last post, we talked about what rewilding yourself means and ways you could be blocked from your feminine spirit. Next, we’re going deeper into this topic and I’m going to introduce to you some of my favorite ways I implement rewilding into my day-to-day life.

What is human rewilding?

We may think of rewilding to mean conservation efforts that restore and protect natural land and wilderness areas — like reintroducing native plant and animal species. For humans, it is essential to be in relationship with the Earth, and therefore restore our lands, and part of this means we must return to a more wild or natural state of being. This is a return to the foundation of our ancestors and choosing to reawaken our long-lost connection with nature and ourselves. Think of it as an act of integrating ancient skills and practices into the modern world. We’re not giving up our comforts, but reconnecting with our instincts, our roots, and our true sacred selves. 

Why rewilding for women is important

You are meant for more and I think you know that, sister. Your life force, your juiciness, your soul gifts, and your MAGIC is within you. Our society is craving empowered, earth-centered women to redefine how to create and weave magic into the world while also honoring both the masculine and the feminine in all that we do. We need each other and our sacred womanhood.

This is soul work as we reclaim + peel back inauthentic layers that we have absorbed from the society around us. 

So many of us live our lives completely disassociated from our own true feelings. When we allow ourselves to feel, we open space for our wild, feminine essence to be expressed.

If we don’t embody our own medicine or replenish our wellspring, the pressures of daily life get to be too much, making us feel discontent, overwhelmed and powerless.

How I implement rewilding into my day-to-day life

My favorite way to hold space for me to feel is through embodied movement. When we get into our bodies, naturally we get in touch with our primal selves.

Here are some practices you can try:

  • The power of breath – breathing slowly and deeply in through the nose, feeling your low belly rise and breathing out through the mouth, sounding on the exhale.
  • Organic movement – put on some music and allow your body to move how she wants to. It’s not about how you’re moving, it is what you are moving. As you allow yourself to feel the internal pulse of emotions held within your body, move Her in a way that expresses those pent up emotions.
  • Feel your primal connection to life, earth, and humanity.
  • Feel how much you care. Feel any disgust you have for our current reality of life on earth. Cry. Scream. Laugh. Let your expression move through you.
  • Lose the alarm clock and allow your body to rise when she wants.

Wild femininity is simply allowing ourselves to feel and be exactly who we are.

So I invite you to get into your body.

Feel Her. 

Rather than trying to hold it all together, you let go, you shed, and therefore you come home to your truth. 

Okay loves, please share with me on Instagram which practices from above resonated with you. I can’t wait to hear how this went for you! In my final post in the series, I’ll share more tips and practices on rewilding your feminine spirit. 

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