The change of seasons is upon us!

September 23 at exactly 2:05 AM central time, the season will officially shift into Fall, and so will our inner world.

Can you feel it? Can you hear the universe sharing with you what is ready to be let go of during this deep season coming back to self? Sometimes it can come as a whisper, and other times it is a scream – the closer we listen, the easier it may become for us to follow this guidance from within. 

Autumn can easily be seen as a time of falling away from past selves, practices, and people who no longer fit where we are growing. Depending on the year, sometimes this can be the hardest season for me… which is why I am starting it off right by holding sacred space with spirit. By approaching the Equinox in this way, or really any shift of season, we are able to set intention of going inward and gathering the courage to fully do the necessary work. 

I know this work can seem intimidating, but ultimately you are being presented this because an aspect of yourself knows you can do it, and all you have to do is tune in with that curious part of yourself and connect. 

In this blog post, I want to share two of my favorite rituals for the Fall Season. I hope that these practices will open a door to new possible ways of healing for you. These rituals are both traditional and ones of my own that I have intuitively gathered over time – that being said you are in outraged to take what you resonate with, and feel free to tweak anything that best suites your individual needs.

Rituals For Fall

Sacred Bath Soak

Bathing in natural minerals and herbs is by far my favorite way to decompress and deep into the healing nature of our wold. This is a divine time to tune into yourself and nourish the many layers of yourself. Not only do herbal baths provide nurturance for your physical body, but also your emotional body, which directly improves your spiritual connection! You can choose to meditate while in the bath, journal, or even read. This is a sacred time to come home to yourself.

What you will need:

+ 1/2 a cup of sustainable & naturally sourced salt

+ A few sticks of cinnamon bark

+ Handful of sage

+ Rosemary herb

+ Lavender herb

+ A white candle

You can prepare the herbal soak in whichever way best suites your tub. If your tub drains well and you don’t have to worry about the herbs going down the drain, you can intentionally put them in with the warm water. If you would prefer, the second option is you boil a large pot of water on your stove top and add in the herbs. You will want to wait 20 minutes for the nutrients to fully secrete from the herbs, and the. You strain the plant matter out and pour the infused water into your tub along with the salts.

Before you get in take your white candle and light it. This is your time to say a prayer for protection and purification during the ritual. Once you have done that set your intention and cast it into the Bath water as if you are gifting the energy to the water. At this time you can also draw a sacred symbol of your choice into the water with a crystal or cinnamon stick. Slowly get in and sleep in the waters for at least 30 minutes. Once you are finished gift the used herbs to mother earth

Earth Burial Ritual

This is a very powerful way to heal yourself and connect with our divine mother, earth. In this ritual you will gather items that you feel connected with that need cleansing and activation. This can be crystals, old photographs connected to memories, jewelry, books, or really any physical object. Once you pick out your items you will gather an old sheet or blanket, some smoke medicine (sage, lavender, cedar, etc.), a shovel, pen, journal, and something to mark your burial point.

Go outside and find a safe spot where you can dig into the earth and not have this space de disturbed. Lay you hands onto the earth in reverence and pray for her healing energy. In this moment you can share with her why you want these items cleansed, and how grateful are. Once you feel ready begin to dig a hole about one foot deep into the soil. Light your smoke medicine of choice and cleanse this area and tune into its energy. Once again put your hands into the soil and pray, and then wrap your items in the cloth and lower them into the earth. Respectfully when you are ready begin to full the hole, I invite you to sing during this time and express yourself vocally. When finished mark your burial place and bow in reverence. You will leave these items In the earth for at least 21 days before you dig them up.

I pray that these rituals serve you the highest good during this deep time of transition! Please share with me your experience, and come to me with any questions.


Taraney Nicole

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