Hello Sacred Sister,

You may know that my work revolves around inviting women to come home to their own body, as a living temple, and therefore teach you how to listen to your infinite wisdom. 

Imagine being embraced through your feminine divinity in a way that allows you to live a life that is heart centered, and completely connected with your own path as a sovereign, self sourced woman. 

Taking time to nurture yourself is how you empower this embodiment + how your life purpose is expressed.

If that strikes you as a big YES, then developing the practice of sacred self care is where you can start. It’s essential to balance taking care of yourselves and nourishing your temple, while also making sure that you’re tending to all of the things that life asks of you.

In this 2-part blog series, I’m going to teach you how you can weave in more spiritually centered self care into your life. 

All in the name of self love.  🌹

I invite you all to experiment with me in this process. 

Whether you’re going to be setting aside a whole sacred self care day, or just a few hours for yourself one evening, these practices will help you feel well connected to your feminine essence. Make it work for you sister; this is how feminine healing works – we make time for it. 

Step 1: Plan your rejuvenating retreat at-home

Choose a day and plan it out. Schedule it on your calendar and write in a document or on a piece of paper how the day will go. 

Clear out your schedule so that nothing can disrupt this time for yourself. (A lot of that is going to be dependent on what your life looks like.) 

Take your time with this first step. If you have roommates or you have family members or people that you usually talk to on a day to day basis, you want to let them know “Hey, I’m going into retreat, I’m going to turn my phone off. If there’s any emergencies, _______ is where I’ll be.”

Step 2 : Wake up gently and with ease

Try not to set an alarm the night before. Rise in the morning whenever your body naturally feels ready to come back into this world – whenever it feels good. And begin your morning slowly, steeping in your own energy. Taking your time to get out of bed, even brushing your hair, or washing your face – let it be slow, and nourishing. You can cleanse your temple with a shower or a bath, washing away anything that no longer serves you. And as you get ready, you want to dress up and put on an outfit that makes you feel lovely and beautiful and adorned. 

Step 3: Create a soul nourishing morning ritual

Next, you will come to your sacred morning practice. Sacred morning practices are a foundational element to feeling well connected to yourself. It is a simple yet powerful act that allows your peace of mind to be met before you go out and serve the world. This is a practice of just being. Being with yourself and allowing the softness to settle in…nothing to read, nothing to talk about, nothing to do other than just coming back to your own body, being with yourself and enjoying a token of self love. 

A sacred morning practice is designed to allow you to FEEL yourself! Here are a few ideas to try / add into your sacred morning practice. 

Morning Ritual Ideas: 

  • Alternate Nostril breathing 
  • Journaling three morning pages ~ Get all of your thoughts, feelings, and artful words onto paper
  • Sensual Movement ~ This is a beautiful way to get in your body and allow your sacral chakra to cleanse, activate, & ultimately guide you through your day feeling more alive and connected.
  • Prayer ~ As women, we have a way with prayers. We know that there are things in life that are just out of our control, and adding prayer to your morning practice will help you feel supported by the divine. This will lift the stress off your shoulders at the start of your day.
  • Tea Ceremony ~ This may be the most powerful part of my morning ritual personally. Sitting in silence, sipping ceremonial tea is a ritual that has opened me up to a whole new world of soft femininity. You can learn more about how to practice here: a-tea-ceremony-with-shiva-rose

The morning practice is the apex of the feminine at home retreat and really your entire life. If you want to create a more abundant life that is enriched through sacred self care, your morning practice is going to be that anchor for you. So especially on this beautiful day, your morning practice is going to be your strength. This stokes the flame of your entire day.  

You can even add in some intuitively guided yoga for yourself…

or some breathwork…

or some self energy healing… 

Really take a full hour of your morning to just care for yourself. Whatever that is for you — take a full hour to do that. 

Okay beauties, I hope you try a few of these morning rituals out as you slowly begin to unfurl what your sacred at-home retreat will look like!

Be sure to stay in touch with our blogs, as next week you will get more guidance and ideas on how to fill your sacred day at-home with the sensual, peaceful softness of the feminine! You’ll feel ready and excited to pamper yourself and love yourself more and more.

With love, Taraney

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