Scorpio New Moon Oct. 27-28 2019 

Growing pains will always be present. No matter how old we get, the transition between past, present, and future will always make itself know. 

The New Moon is a time of new born magic. The sky goes dark, offering us the opportunity to go within. It is a time to cut out the distractions and take a honestly look at what you want to begin again. Weather that is dismantling the old, building from scratch, or just adding a new harmony into your life, this new moon is going to serve as fertile ground for profound growth. 

Scorpio is a mysterious sign. Many of us know the curving roads to the energy offered by this constellation – never truly sure what is 100% going on. This sign is known to address grudges, mischief, and emotions that may be too complex to unfold gracefully. Presented as a new moon that holds divine space for us to figure it out. To get a clear look at what needs to be healed, and if we’re lucky getting a helping hand to do the work fruitfully! 

This new moon is about healing 

And I’m talking about the real healing – going face first into what hurts, facing the shadow, and boldly looking at life. Bravery is going to be a good friend as we explore our intrinsic ability to restore our health even in the deepest depths of self realization. It is important to use the information gained during this time to come through our senses and actively harmonies everything accordingly. The master energy is in the air often during these times, so choose to look at what you are growing through as the way to self mastery. 

My biggest advice under this Scorpio New Moon is to believe. Believe that anything is possible, believe that you are worthy, believe in greatness, and most of all believe in life’s ability to have your back. The frequency of belief supports our ability to stay in alignment with self-worth and bases it off our gifts and talents, which will strengthen our connection with source. 

Let’s keep in mind that we are in the medicinal times of autumn. The veil is at its thinnest which offers everyone the ability to connect with the mystic world. In all directions, in anyway we are being ushered to connect with spirit. Whatever that means for you – do it. Engage in whatever practice gets your energy flowing and belief stronger. 

Water the is ruling element with the Scorpio New Moon so I invite you to connect with it in a way that resonates with you. Possibly take a bath, do an herbal foot soak, or maybe go hike around some wild waters and see what earth speaks to you. The more you give, the more you get, and the unique ability water holds to fill us up will be very helpful during this time. I highly suggest beginning a flower or gemstone essence, or even a herbal tincture under this New Moon.  

Herbs to work with under the Scorpio energy are Holy Basil, Rosemary, Hibiscus, Hawthorn Berries, Red Raspberry Leaf, and Mugwort. 

Crystal allies under this astrological influence are Amethyst, Obsidian, Tourmaline, Citrine, Selenite, and Black Moonstone. 

If you have read this far, you now know we are about to go through some powerful change! There maybe moments where you loath in the pressure but just remember that these times are serving a divine purpose. The outcome of this New Moon is TRUE integration. The magic and soul alchemy taking place with embrace every aspect of the self, and will show us how to allow life to show up for us. Allow what you perceive as positive and negative to harmonize in the balance symphony orchestras life. Once you dive in, the otherworld is not so bad and you will be able to integrate the deep medicine this season has at its fullest offering. 

I am sending big love and blessing to how this New Moon shows up fro you, and honestly I am excited to see the self realization that is birthed from this mysterious astrologic doorway! 

To create a big leap of magic into your life through this New Moon I invite you to gather with our soul family kindred spirits in our Remote New Moon Gathering! Together through space and time we will connect to honor and celebrate this gorgeous astrological body! Through this gathering you will take part in our Moon Medicine discussion, automatic writing prompt, and a distance reiki healing session with a guided meditation! The energy is potent and right on time for the shadow work handed to us during this time! 

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Big Love & Many Blessings, 

Taraney Nicole

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