Angels are spiritual beings

who serve as the messengers of God. Their source is pure love and they often channel through life to give us warnings, messages, or sometimes even gifts.

When we first begin our spiritual journey they are often the first beings to connect with us. Their gentle approach is familiar, but it can be hard to understand their messages.

Angels speak to us through many forms -feathers, numbers, animals, ect. These synchronistic events carry deep messages. People from all over the world have reported different situations when their angels have spoken to them directly. Often times these messages appear as a gift that seem to appear out of no where. These symbols are signs of encouragement and love. They can be hints, nudges, specific answers, or even warning signs. With so much to decode, many spiritual teachers have begun to solidify these messages into different meanings.

I have been working with Angels closely for many years now. They guide me daily and have become a great source of strength in my life. They have helped me through the hardest times of my life, as well as guided me along my greatest adventures. For years I have been receiving gifts from archangels and my personal angels. Through my own connection I have been able to decode many of their messages, and here are my top interpretation of signs from angels.

Angel Numbers

Have you even glanced down at your phone to find the number sequence 11:11, 12:34. 2:22, 4:44, 5:55, ect? This is often the first sign we start to pick up on. Numbers are powerful tools from the angels! Using the principles of numerology they channel specific messages depending on the vibration of each number.

Angel numbers are the most common method used to connect and communicate with angels. They love sending us repetitive numbers, as their vibrations becomes amplified. These come through license plate numbers, telephone numbers, house addresses, the time, dates, and so on.

11:11 & 1:11

Eleven is a huge number of spiritual mastery. When seeing one in any sequence the angels are channeling through an important message of manifestation. When you see 11:11 or 1:11 be sure to be center yourself in the moment and think about the life you want to create. Think about your mission and purpose on earth. This is an incredible sign that you are on the right track.

1:17, 1:23, & 2:34

The angels are telling you that you are fulfilling your divine purpose, or they are letting you know what your purpose is. You can add up the numbers to get a deeper insight. For example, 1+2+3=6. Six is a number that whats you to evaluate what you really want in life. 2+3+4=9 which is a number of completion and in this situation is confirmation that you are on the right path.


When you see this number sequence, the angels are asking you to seek balance. Also can be a message that you need to be mindful in this moment because you might be meeting someone important like a soulmate, teacher, really anyone that has significance in you life.


Body, mind, and soul. The angels are congratulating you that you are in alignment and really in your spiritual sweet spot. This can also be a sign of completion.


This is a direct message that your angels are with you.


When you see this sequence, the angels are telling you that a big shift is near. This can also be a sign that you need to trust you choices and listen to your intuition.

There are so many ways to interpret angel numbers. This is just my understanding! It is incredibly important that you trust your own intuition when working with these numbers. The beloved Doreen Virtue has created a Angel Numbers App that allows you to plug in any number sequence and decode what the angels are telling you. This is an amazing tool that I 100% recommend you use it.

Winged Animals As Angels

Out of every animal, birds have always been closely linked to angels. Their wings are in alignment with the heavenly protection of God. It is common for an angel to channel itself as a bird to exist in the physical form. If you find a feather, it is a sign that your angels are near, as well as a sign that you are being divinely guided. Keep a look out when you are having troubled thoughts, a bird may swing by to give you a message of hope. Birds that are most commonly linked with angels are doves, eagles, blue jays, and hawks.

Butterflies and dragonflies are huge signs from angels. Butterflies carry messages of hope, and many people believe that our passes loved ones manifest as butterflies. Dragonflies are similar in that way, but I often find that they’re a message that someone will be coming to you soon as a new student.

Gifts From Angels

Angels love gifting us with tokens of their love! I mentioned above that they will gift us feathers to let us know that they are guiding us, but they also give much more than feathers. I constantly find dimes! I have read that this is a direct gift from angels, and a message that I am on the right path. They also like to gift pennies, and money in general. Anytime you find money, thank your angels! Another gift I often find from my angels is fortune cookie papers. Sometimes I will find them in the most random places, and I know for a fact that they are a message from my angels.

How To Know When An Angel Is Near

Sometimes angels dont always channel through numbers, animals, and random gifts. Often times they make their presence known in subtile ways. One of the most common way you can tell if an angel is near is by a sudden drop in temperature! Any spiritual being, angels, spirits, guides, ect. will cause a the air to become colder. You can test this on your own -its quite fun! Another key way that an angel will make itself known is by the sound of a bell. If you hear a bell, that means an angel or spirit is transitioning through realms. That is why most churches use bells every hour, and spiritual healers use bells to welcome guides.

I invite you to explore this phenomenon on your own. Ask your guardian angels to peep through your life and make their presence known. Watch how easily they will begin to communicate. These are just a few methods I have been able to notice and use. Stay open to your own interpretations, and always continue to research!

With so much love and peace, thank you for reading this blog. May all the archangels watch over you closely and assist you when the time is right.

Infinite Love,


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